Friday, July 01, 2005

Butterfly Power? I Think Not..

"..playing, floating, dancing,
butterflies in spring,
covering the meadows,
and colouring the hills.."

Dear lonely isle,
  • To everyone who knows me, it's quite obvious I'm terrified of butterflies and moths.
  • Yes, it's true.
  • Despite popular belief, they are not pretty.
  • Pretty disgusting maybe.
  • Just looking at one can make me cry.
  • Heck, my nightmares are ALWAYS about butterflies and moths, all over me.
  • It was horrible.
  • Someone suggested that I be Mothgirl or Butterflywoman.
  • Sorry, but it ain't coming true.
  • One, unlike bat ears, antennae aren't very cool.
  • I'll look more like the PlayGirl bunny thingy and that's not very scary. Good for laughs though. (talk about tickling criminals to death...)
  • And no butterflies, not even for Halloween.
  • Second, if I were Butterflywoman, I suppose blue and green kinda shows up the dark. (There goes the disappearing into/emerging from shadows thing.)
  • But don't butterflies come out in the day? (NUUUUUUUU. Imagine going about in the morning when everyone can see you, in a butterfly suit...)
  • Mothgirl is more practical, if I'm comtemplating scouring the forest for thieves and thugs.
  • And butterfly and moth wings aren't very good for gliding (unless I take after a Rajah Brooke), so I'll probably have to flap very hard...
  • My superpowers will include making you itch with powder from my wings (if I don't itch first...).
  • Also, I can err...deceive you with the designs on my wings. (I'll look like two giant eyes?)
  • When threatened, I turn into a cocoon (hmm, you and what string?).
  • My sidekick?
  • Anyone interested to be Caterpillargirl/boy?
  • Or Pupahuman?
  • Hmm...enter the Silk Mobile!
  • Green, moving, inpenetrable, indestructable tank that you can metamorphorsize in (it might come in handy..).
  • And my base operations is.....the Cocoon?
  • Point is, this is all an absurdity.
  • Not only will it NOT cure my fear, it will probably make me fear to look in the mirror (A life-sized butterfly?? That's gotta be worse than the tiny, insect-sized ones.)
  • Really.
  • To the person who came up with this suggestion, feel ashamed for lack of creativity.

Spare me.

love, joyce.