Friday, August 25, 2006

UMS Student Threatened By Bankruptcy

Dear lonely isle,
My money is flying away. Everyday it seems more and more of my money packs its bags and leaves me, without even waving goodbye.
It seems that every now and then I'm forced to fork out money for photostating and meaningless contributions to various bodies and organizations for one reason or another, sometimes in the hoax of buying a shirt we were later told isn't really compulsory, but since we already paid, oh well what the heck eh? Say the seniors. God knows how many times they've conned my money. Or maybe for their Family Day outing which it is compulsory for juniors to pay for the major part of their expenses, but not compulsory for us to go >.<
What kind of sick person decided that?
Someone who probably has a lot of my money... the bastard.
So every week I find myself making trips to the one of the hottest spots in the campus besides the toilet. The ATM machine. Seriously, if you want to withdraw money without waiting for half an hour before you can, go at nine. Any later you can be prepared to queue until your hair turns white. And this is a normal occurance, EVERY DAMN DAY. Makes you think how UMS students are ALWAYS short of money, especially the juniors. Went to the ATM like twice this week already, going to be bankrupt soon. So I think it's wise to start my petition now.
Dear concerned friends and various people who are fortunate enough to hear my plight,
I will probably be bankrupt soon. Now's your chance to do you bit for society *cough* me *cough*.
Take some time off to send me some money :D All contributions must be made to
No. 3.03, Block B,
Kampung D, Kolej Kediaman CD,
Universiti Malaysia Sabah,
Beg berkunci 2073,
88999, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Please take note that all contributions should be addressed to Miss Jocelyn Toh, and the minimum amout is RM100. (for my baby it's RM200. You love me don't you? :) )
~Help save me before it's too late!~

Below are pics of my new phone cover. It was too cute. I couldnt resist. And don't worry it's only RM5 :P
Yes, yes I know I shouldn't waste money, but I needed it?
Ok, ok, I WANTED it :P

A coursemate told me the chinese word means 'soup'. Is this true? Because I love soup. And happen to be soup depraved. So for those of you who are fortunate to enjoy soup, count your blessings and mail some to the address given above. Thanks! I know you love me :)
And I don't understand why do I seem to be targeted by cockroaches. Got attacked by another one last night. T_T I now have a new hero. Her name is Fatimah. She is my roommate. She saves me from roaches :)

Exams coming... just kill me..

love, joyce.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Terlalu Istimewa

Ku tak tergambar wajahmu
Sinar mata itu
lirik senyumanmu
pesona yang membelai
wajahmu bercahaya
memberi bahagia
tiap yang memandang
hati jadi salju
kau terlalu istimewa
kasih dan sayangmu terpancar
seikhlas tiada batasan
terus membara
terkilan rasa jiwa
ingin ku lihat mu dewasa
apa daya
Tuhan lebih menyayangimu
ku pasti kau berbahagia
duduk di sampingnya
mendengar cerita
sekadar rahsia
kau terlalu istimewa
kasih dan sayangmu terpancar
seikhlas tiada batasan
terus membara
terkilan rasa jiwa
ingin ku lihatmu dewasa
apa daya
Tuhan lebih menyayangimu
tak tertanggung rindu
mendengar suaramu
tawa mengusik jiwa
seikhlas tiada batasan
terus membara
terkilan rasa jiwa
ingin ku melihatmu dewasa
apa daya
Tuhan lebih menyayangimu
Terlalu Istimewa
Adibah Noor

The Sock Remover

Bee Siah, Mei Kuan & me.
PBSM duty on Sunday.

Dear lonely isle,

Had PBSM duty yesterday. In case you didn't know, I joined the red cresent society.

Because I was told by seniors it's easy to score >.<

Haha what? You think I turned a new leaf? Anyway, yesterday was sports day between kolejs. As usual, my kolej managed to place last. I think.

There was lots of running, people falling down, injuring themselves, getting cramps, aches, and god knows what else. Thank god more experienced PBSM peopl were there. I would have just stood there and said "er." So what I did yesterday was remove people's socks and shoes so that the seniors can massage and do whatever it is they do. And yea, I just didn;t think about the fact that they just completed a run, or finished a race and peeled away the socks. The seniors had to massage, bandage, ice and do other ickier stuff than taking their shoes off. They're quite efficient. I can see that they probably do this on a daily basis.

Voluntarily massaging sweaty people. Some people are too noble for their own good.

And even if I don't learn something by the end of this semester, I'll have new pyjamas anyway :P (for those of you who didn't know, my old PBSM shirt I had in standard 6 is still being used as my pyjamas till this very day. )

love, joyce.

Wanted: Someone To Take Care Of Me

Dear lonely isle,

Last last Saturday, I was feverish.
Had rectal bleeding.
On Sunday I developed rashes.
Yes, people I know I'm heaty.

Yes, I know. Must drink more water, rest more, & eat more veggie.

Hehe thanks. I know you care :)

So on Monday, my baby made me go and see the doctor.

My medication.

Calamine lotion for the rashes.

Something for the bleeding.

Doctor said to take more fibre in my diet.

New staple food :)

Bye bye Maggi. It is now a delicacy I take when I don't have food or is too lazy to go to the canteen and adopt the surrounding smell >.<>

love, joyce.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Hanging By A Moment

"..I'm living for the only thing I know,
I'm running and i question where to go,
and I don't know what I'm tapping into,
just hanging by a moment here with you.."
Dear lonely isle,
That day after lecture I was chatting with some girls from Industrial Chemistry. We were comparing Form 6 and uni. It was then I realised that I really enjoyed form 6.
I enjoy everything with you guys.
Even sucky math tuition late at night :)
Or chem tuition on Saturdays.
When I think of form 6, the things that come to mind are:
  • Cheng Choo & Chee Wei ;P The best sleeping buddies. Ever. I love you guys!
  • Insect catching. Or in my case, observing insect catching. Hehe it's an excuse to hang out with you guys and go out every evening >.<"
  • Cockroach hunting. Ben Lim shares my fear :P I will never forget that.
  • Collecting plant samples to press. Aka Driving The Car Around & Stealing Plants.
  • Duty days on Monday :) At one point it became Analyse ES Day. The day my brain will be put to work and taxed over & over again with the same questions, forcing me to repeat my answers in various different forms or formulating new solutions :P Naturally she doesn't listen to me. She never does >.<" Which is why I keep answering the same questions.
  • MPT5 & 6 Atas. I had fun :) Lots of it. Scraping pass end year exams was worth it. Or did I fail my Peng. Am?
  • Slavery on Fridays, Saturdays and various different days, depending on our beloved slave driver, Pn. Loh ;) What other kind of slavery can you sing all you want? Hehe I love choir practices. Miss singing with you guys so much..
  • Outings. Either in Chloe or Nicole ;p Singing to songs on the radio and going round eating.
  • Supper every weekend . Or most weekends.
  • JB trip.

Can you bring back those times?

I didn't like STPM, but I'd go through it all over again with you guys than to be alone here.

I miss you guys.

love, joyce.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Hate Sun

Dear lonely isle,
After the blistering cold week we had last week, this week took a completely different turn.
It's now insanely hot and humid.
Everything you do will result in only one thing: perspiration.
Sit at the bus stop. Sweat.
After bath. sweat.
Eat. Sweat.
Every damn thing you do will induce you to sweat.
What is wrong with this place????????
The weather is killing me. Will die from irritation soon.
love, joyce.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Erm, Misc Pictures.

Welcome to UMS

One of the lecture halls.
What passes for freezers in UMS.
Friggin cold in there. Christine I heard UM lecture halls are saunas.
You'l be so slim =)

Me after cleaning the room.

Regarding your question some time ago, Ann Gee , this is where I wash my clothes. No, there is no washing machine.
Shows the civic mindedness of my floormates, when someone has to stick something like that.

I'm taking a FOREIGN language people.

Arab homework. Tauge anyone?

My physics notes. Look familiar, Ann Gee? :P

My staple food.

Bee Siah's chlorophyll water. She swears by it.

Bee Siah, Mei Kuan, me & Sue Fern
Waiting for bus to KK. And for Ken Wai too actually >.<"

My Room

Eh hem. Ignore my room mate napping, and forgive the picture. Lazy to edit.
Focus on the important. Me.
Hehe, me before bed.

View of the door. My senior room mate's bed and table.
Jellybean still exists.

Forgive my laziness. I'm a lazy person, didn't you know?

My bed.

Ann Gee be thankful you have a nice, big shelves.

Essential Items Every UMS Student Should Have

Sunblock! Nuff said.

The UMS bag I abuse everyday. It's big and can fit all my junk.

Essential to every UMS student. Never leave your room without your umbrella.

I Hate Rain.

Dear lonely isle,

Here's a recap of what happened the past week.

Saturday, 5th August.
Went KK! Hehe, skipped a day of studying for an outing to town =)
5 of us: Mei Kuan, Bee Siah, Sue Fern, Ken Wai & me
Mei Kuan princess wanted to eat Pizza Hut but the line was so long so we bought bread to eat.
But as usual when Mei Kuan saw McDs looming in the horizon, she forgot everything and we ate there instead >.<>
Shopping! Or grocery shopping for me :P went to stock up on my supplies (maggi & biscuits)

Sunday, 6th August.
Day of Rest & Relaxation, a.k.a Day to be Sinful & Unproductive.
Woke up. Washed clothes. Cleaned room (dusted, swept, mopped).
After breakfast, the day went pretty much like this:
Fell asleep. Woke up. Ate.
Fell asleep. Woke up. Ate.
Read up on genetics. Got attacked by flying cockroach.
Lots of screaming, spraying, and general mayhem and confusion. Nuff said.

Monday, 7th August.
Nothing significant happened, except that the cute guy in my group (finally remembered his name -.-"), Teck Ho, told me that he had an IDENTICAL TWIN BROTHER. yummy. (sorry baby :P) The notion of TWO cute guys just erm, makes me feel that there is justice in this world for two girls.
Ziggy baby called =)

Tuesday, 8th August.
One of the worst days. Ever.
My period came. On the longest day of my week (on Tuesdays I have night class. Arab). On what turned out to be the COLDEST day I've ever had on Sabah. The starting of the extremely heavy rainy season. Rain. Rain. Rain. Wanted to die.
Idulged in impulse buying. Placed a deposit for the UMS jacket. It made me feel better though.
Ziggy baby called =)

Wednesday, 9th August.
More rain. Was so tired I slept through physics lecture and only woke up when it ended. Nothing new for most people >.<"
Ziggy baby called =) I'm really blowing his bill.

Thursday, 10th August.
More rain. Another long day. Thursday I have night class too. Arab.
Ate maggi!! =)

Hmm, can't list in detail what happened or it might either bore you to tears, or move you to tears. My life is that sad.

love, joyce.