Friday, September 26, 2008


Dear lonely isle,

Oh NO! Joyce went on a splurge today T__________________T
Some splurge it was too, since she only bought 2 items of clothing >.>
But still she is guilty of the highest degree T___________________T

For buying what she wants, and not what she needs....

What did she buy?

First up, PDI jeans at 50% off!
It's hard to resist the BIG five O,
possibly about the ONLY five O that women are excited about >.>

After they trimmed off the ends to accommodate my short, stubby legs.

Yes la, some of us are born short okay.

Oh? No no, this is not sinful at all. Jeans at 50% off are a good buy :)

So where was the damage?

Precisely here, my dear.

It's so not worth the price tag it was attached to, but I really like it.

Really, really like it.

Liked it so much I gave up pining for it and decided to eat bread for two months instead.


It sure as hell doesn't look like much, but it was everything I was looking for.

Somehow other many many similar looking jackets just weren't right.
They weren't thick enough.
Or long enough.
Or had the right cutting.
Or were the right colour.
Or had too complicated design.
Or were too simple.

Somehow, this was just right.
Only the price tag was not right...

But that was soon remedied.

The lovelies :)

Obviously I am guilty of compulsive, impulsive and totally uncalled-for shopping.
A bit of decorum and solemn-ness is required,
at least to atone for the sins of needless parting with money today.

(But secretly, in her heart of hearts..)

(Very, very secretly...of course.)


Never again.

(I hope.)


love, Joyce.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Things

~My new beloveds~

ipod nano in red

My pretty pretty ipod :)

My pretty wearing a black jacket.
I want to get a leather cover though.

Gecko on my ipod

Somehow the silicone jacket seems to attract a lot of dust

Colour pens!

Me like :)

Rainbow colours are so pretty

Don't you think so?

Testing them out
Yes I know I have no imagination. Don't laugh.

But the colours look so nice on paper :)

Finally! My collection is complete :D

The elusive Eric, finally *hugs book*

Pretty pink notebook

Which I think I will end up keeping to collect dust >.<

When people give me pretty notebooks or paper, I have a habit of just keeping them.
Too nice to use >.>

New hard disk
(Laptop saver)

Hmm, baby you like to give me red things, huh?

Why I need a new bed

The family is growing

Littlest bed mates

Thank you baby
I really love them all :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

When I opened the box, the first thing I thought of was..

Wish you were here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Twenty First Thirteenth

~ September 13th~

Day I Was Not Looking Forward To

See...forced to smile for the camera

-More love from Down Under-
Thanks baby :)
They're so beautiful

Somehow we decided to play hide and seek with the camera behind the furniture

Thanks so much guys, for going to so much trouble to wake up at ungodly hours to shop for ingredients for the steamboat.
T____T so touched.
It was simple, but the food was good.

And the company was just great :)

Never had quite so many fishballs in my life >.>
(Not in anyway related to the sentence before that)

Happy Potatoes :)
The littlest potato is finally 21 :)

I like my flowers *hugs*

You guys are too sweet :)

~The Night Before~

Meet Pesca!

Pesca is very huggable

Pesca is so adorable

Pesca can double as a helmet :)

(back to September 13th, we apologise for the commercial break)
~At Luna Rossa~

Yasmin's new bag holder

We attacked the carbonara upon arrival, which accounts for the lack of pictures.
They sure as hell took their time preparing our orders.
(which explains Yasmin's abuse of the furniture/decorative structures)

(Damn) Good Pizza

Starter that became dessert
Tomato slices, stacked with mozarella slices (heavenly, btw) and topped with basil.
One of the Italian signature dishes.
(so is anything with tomato, cheese and basil. Makes you wonder how they came up with the colours of the Italian flag)

Thanks baby :)

Thanks Bee Bee, Mei Kuan dear, Roomie and Yasmin :)

Thanks fansus! :)

It's been a good day ;)

(Ann Gee, your prezzie will be featured in another post with Ziggy k? :) )

PS: My phone refused to charge last night T_____________T Phone problems again *sobs*
*prays* please be okay phone T_____________T