Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Dear lonely isle,

Went for an event sometime 3 weeks back >.<
Yeah, internet is hard to come by these days >.< and still in the middle of my sucky finals T_T
Anyway, MAGRA - Malam Anugerah SST. Faculty award giving night.
Which they forced award receivers to go, including yours truly (T_T) by threatening not to give us what we had worked for.
Yup, i paid rm40 to collect my cert and plaque.
Yes, I know, feels like i bought the damn things back.

The best part was, didn't even get to go onstage to receive the prize >.<
Oh why? I went to toilet..
Never went for an even that sped so fast I didn't have time to even go toilet, the dishes were coming out so fast, seems like the waiter is throwing them at us. (it was held at Karambunai Nexus Resort, beautiful place)
So when I finally had a break between the last dish and dessert, what else? Run for the toilet.
But then, as I was leaving, found out a little girl locked herself in a stall and couldn't unlock it >.<
And she spoke Czech. Yeah. Try talking to someone who speaks Czech, is about 4 years old, and about to burst into tears >.<
she had this hot dad who couldn't wait outside anymore and decided to come rescue her =P yup he was hot.
So after everything, naturally when I got back, my turn was already over T_T my name was one of the first few to be called T_T

love, joyce.


What they gave me for being on the Dean's List
Feel very cheated >.<