Friday, October 06, 2006

Small, Miserable Girl

"..It's so very cold outside,
like the way I'm feeling inside.."

Dear lonely isle,

Feeling very miserable now. Doesn't help that the weather has been pouring these days.
It's always cold, like how I'm feeling inside now.
Why did I ever choose to come here?
The internet connection is really bad. I can access most pages but I can't access any email sites. What kind of sick joke is this? First I can't correspond with him through sms, now you even take away my email?
I can't use MSN. Fine I can live with that, but email?
And the Maxis line here is so bad it's infuriating.
Feeling very emotionally messed up these days. Can't seem to get my heart straight. Always sad, and at the brink of bursting into tears.
Getting more and more useless. Can't even type out a decent post.

love, joyce.

From My Window

The mosque in the distance. Hazy sky. But much better compared to peninsular.

Kolej AB in the distance. The nearest building is the canteen.