Monday, July 04, 2005

Bloody Bloodsuckers

"..with fangs dripping blood,
an undisguised greed of hunger,
the mosquito strikes.."

Dear lonely isle,

As I've said before, I think someone up there doesn't like me.
And no, again it's not anything that lives in the attic. With the water tank.
  • Last night all I wanted was a good night sleep.
  • But it seems even that was denied.
  • I was attacked last night. By mosquitoes.
  • Bloody bloodsuckers.
  • I was already asleep.
  • But even in my dreams I dreamt that I was itching. All over.
  • In my dreams I was scratching all over.
  • In fact, I was itching so BAD I woke up.
  • Me. Whom when asleep is dead to the world.
  • And then I couldn't sleep again.
  • Me.
  • Because I was so itchy all over.
  • My face felt swollen with bites.
  • And I was scratching all over. (even my toes and fingers)
  • So I turned on the lights.
  • And guess what? 2 mosquitoes on the wall behind my bed. (bloody things)
  • Whack! Whack! 2 less pests in the world.
  • Then I went to wash my poor itchy face.
  • It was red, and swollen.
  • I was mortified.
  • So I washed it. Then I went back to the room.
  • And killed another 4 more mosquitoes. (omg!! Where are they coming from?!!)
  • After that I didn't dare sleep in my own room so I went to find sanctuary.
  • Jellybean and I went to my parents' room.
  • That was 4 in the morning.
Insects. Me.

Some words just don't go together.

love, joyce.