Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My House

This is the front of the house.
Yes, yes, will take a better picture of it next time. Just felt embarrassed to be standing in front of the house on the street taking a picture. >.<

The living room!
A bit messy, but kind of cozy once you settle down. We have Astro, you know? :)

The kitchen.
Haven't ventured into cooking there yet, except maggi and boiling water.

More kitchen.
We have a refrigerator, I just haven't put anything of mine inside yet =P
The landlady is a lecturer at UMS. She's a lecturer in the food science faculty. We can't simply eat her stuff in the refrigerator, some are her lab specimens >.<

Dr Yasmin's (the landlady) study.

Dr. Yasmin's room.
I have not been inside before >.<

The upstairs bathroom I share with my housemates.

I invite you to carefully observe that that is a sitting toilet :D

My room, my bed.

My study desk, with the towel rack behind it and my bed behind the rack.

My roomie's study desk, next to mine. With a window view.
Overlooks papaya trees. Not my cup of tea.

Roomie's bed, with the bookshelf in front of it.

My cupboard.
Roomie doesn't have a cupboard yet. She's living out of her luggage.


Settling in already.

The Dawn Of a New Semester

Dear lonely isle,

Okay, so the problem with my minor was fixed by changing minors. Pretty unimpressive, eh?


So, what's new in Sabah?

Hmm, moved into a new place, no longer staying in the hostel, which can only mean 2 things:
1. No more hills.
2. No more sucky hostel food :D

Next up, new room mate. Chinese girl, 3rd year senior. We call her Kim.
Will upload pictures in the next post =)
First I gotta take the pictures.

Got myself a landlady, 3 housemates and 5 cats.
I've only seen 2 of them so far. And already I can't stand em.
They wouldn't let me eat in peace, what with jumping on the table and onto my lap when I'm in the chair.
And I was talking about the cats.

Sitting toilet in the bathroom :D

There's internet :D
Which is available either 4 houses away through the JAKMAS (stands for something, I don't know what) wireless, or broadband 2 rows away courtesy of my good friend Tiing Jen. The girl is a blessing.

What else?

Can't think of anything at the moment.

love, joyce.

Monday, July 09, 2007

What I Did On My Holidays

All the people I miss.

Went Singapore.

Met up with Shima.

Curled my hair.

Played with Ichigo.

Did a puzzle with Ziggy.

I miss you.

Not My Day

Dear lonely isle,

Sorry for the overly long absence. I don't have internet. Not at home, not in my hostel.

I do now though.

Yeah. It's so not my day.
Got wiped all over the wall and doors into the hall today. Big crowd. All pushing. Broke my file. Messed up my hair. Bruised and aching.
No, it's not war. It's registration day.

Then there's the problem with my minor clashing with my maths class.

But that's okay.

Guess what? NUS accepted me. But they didn't approve my loan.

Yeah. I know. Writing to rant and vent and be angry and frustrated and cry.

But I can't squeeze out a tear. Or even feel the teensiest bit mad.

Just feeling really down.
Really really down.

love, joyce.