Friday, November 10, 2006

Starbucks exists in Sabah. I have proof. ^.^

Shima and I on our day out :)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Small, Miserable Girl

"..It's so very cold outside,
like the way I'm feeling inside.."

Dear lonely isle,

Feeling very miserable now. Doesn't help that the weather has been pouring these days.
It's always cold, like how I'm feeling inside now.
Why did I ever choose to come here?
The internet connection is really bad. I can access most pages but I can't access any email sites. What kind of sick joke is this? First I can't correspond with him through sms, now you even take away my email?
I can't use MSN. Fine I can live with that, but email?
And the Maxis line here is so bad it's infuriating.
Feeling very emotionally messed up these days. Can't seem to get my heart straight. Always sad, and at the brink of bursting into tears.
Getting more and more useless. Can't even type out a decent post.

love, joyce.

From My Window

The mosque in the distance. Hazy sky. But much better compared to peninsular.

Kolej AB in the distance. The nearest building is the canteen.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Raoul, Raoul3 and Raoul2. happy happy ^.^

Pesta Tanglung

Pigging out on mooncakes ^.^

Shima, me and Umi. Yea, it's the same Shima as the one in the cosplay. Forgive the blurness, Jordan boy's hands tend to shake. Nah, it's not cos of Parkinsons. Thanks for asking anyway.

Jordan boy with two lanterns.

Evening sky in UMS.

Ignore the speck. That's from the library window >.<

I don't know why, but clouds in UMS seems more beautiful then those I see back at home. Can't help looking at the sky every now and then.

My friend Shima :) in cosplay mode. Yea she cosplays. She's cosplaying the girl from Death Note, can never remember her name.

Exams and Ankles

Dear lonely isle,

Hmm, lets see, been some time since the last post, what happened. Ah yes, assignments assignments and mid terms again.
Had Earth and Planetary Science mid term yesterday. As good as dead. A really interesting topic until you have to study it. Then you really gotta pity geology students. They actually chose to study this??? Rocks, rocks, damn great bloody ROCKS. Whole syllabus is on GREAT BLOODY ROCKS. *cough*
It's really full of rocks. And things that really have nothing much to do with what I'm doing.
Today had my biotech mid term. Essays on transcription, translation, replication of DNA, mutation and history of biotechnology. Naturally not fun. But much nicer to study for than GREAT BLOODY ROCKS >.<
Okay now you know why I'm not taking geology. Hmm, should the show Lusa (aka The Day After Tomorrow) and The Core come true, we'll be relying on these people who spend almost all their time looking at ROCKS.
Saw the short lines about a woman in Cheng Choo's blog that day, made me smile. Thought it was really good, just so happens a friend of mine here having problems with her jerk of a boyfriend (make that the asshole too). He probably does believe women should be loved too, ALL women. Pretty ones. By him. With possibly makeup covered faces. Some guys are weird.
Well, I fell down the bus some time last week. Had fever, sore throat, cold and cough too. >.<>
Thought it was better already after it stopped hurting. Then this past Tuesday night as I was chasing the night bus after Arab class, somehow hurt it again. Okay, okay I get it I'm clumsy..
Anyway, seems to be swollen now. Everyone keeps asking me to massage it, but I have no idea how. Bee Siah and Mei Kuan says I can't let it get water, that I should bathe with a plastic bag over my foot >.<
Joyce goes "..uh.."
Sigh, any other suggestions? Don't really wanna go and see the doctor, because that would involve MORE WALKING. no bus service to the clinic. quite idiotic really. Sick students have to what, crawl there? Anyway, it hurts when I walk so don't wanna consider that first kay?
Other than that, this week coming up is another test on Tuesday and a pile of lab reports to complete, with another on the way T_T

Reports, reports, GREAT BLOODY REPORTS. I actually chose to do this???

love, joyce.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Ok. I'll admit I have too much food.
Hehe on the bright side, should the canteen go on strike all the room occupants need not starve :P

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Dear lonely isle,

Yesterday, we had the annual Family Day for the Biotechnology Course. We went to a place called Karambunai. At first I thought it was somewhere in Brunei. Yes, I'm bad in geography for those who didn't know >.<

Naturally, when out with friends, one must take pictures :) No I will not publish all the pictures. I realised I have grown fatter so I shall post those which do not show much of me >.<

Erm, I realise I'm not really much of a photographer so forgive me for the rather weird pictures. I try to take nice views of the place, indeed the place is so beautiful. Sorry if my bad photography skills made it seem otherwise >.<

We left our respective kampungs at 7, reached there at.. sorry I don't recall. The journey should be about 15 to 20 minutes long. But everyone knows I can't estimate so that's just my assumption >.<

The water was full of tiny fishes. It's rather clear too, until the deeper areas, where the water is blue. Shima tells me the fishes with long snouts are actually seahorses. They swim horizontally because you need to pull them out of the water to get them to look seahorsey. I think she's either confused the fish with a seahorse, or she's trying to pull my leg.

I tried taking pictures of the fish, but somehow it didnt' turn out so nice. So I'm not posting it =P

Spent the day playing all sorts of nonsensical but enjoyable games organised by the second year seniors. My team was very determined to win. We won most of the games, but came out second overall, maybe because we lost the volleyball match >.<

Shima with a horse. She and I get along really well. I hang out with her a lot. Wait till I get my hands on a picture with her in her normal attire. So totally different..

Went walking along the beach with Shima. Okay, actually we went a bit further than that. My trackpants were completely soaked. We were looking for sea shells :P Okay I'll admit that was just an excuse we used because the water was so inviting. Well, inviting enough until I stepped on some sharp rocks and cut the sole my foot >.<

Some of the girls in my class. One of them actually went swimming, but because this is UMS, and probably because she didn't plan on it, she went swimming in full attire. The foreigners at the beach however, were not so shy. There was this hot blond babe, damn her body is so nice, tall and slim *jealous* and she was with this fat guy. The only thing I didn't like was her flourescent pink bikini and g-string. Don't think it complemented her tan. She's got very nice cleavage though. Was too busy staring at her I forgot to take her pic. >.<

Came back about 6 in the evening. Was so tired I could sleep standing. And I got sunburnt. Got a shock after my bath T_T didn't know I was so black. And now the skin is starting to itch, and it hurts =(

Hehe a day rather well spent =)

love, joyce.

Friday, September 01, 2006

"..can you see me,
here I am,
standing here where I've always been,
and when I feel like giving up,
I climb inside your heart and still find,
you're my safest place to hide.."

Dear lonely isle,
I think someone up there likes me. Really likes me alot.
Because I have him. He is everything to me, he means everything to me.
Everyday I miss him more and more, I miss him so much.
Even though I can't remember what it feels like to be hugged by him anymore, I know what it would feel like.
It would be warm. Because to just be close to him, to feel the warmth of his body fills me like nothing does.
It would be safe. Because when I feel his arms around me, I've never felt safer, or more secured.
It would be blissful.
I miss him so terribly much.
Although I cry myself to sleep every now and then missing him so badly, I say a silent prayer that I'm not crying because he's not mine anymore.
On bad days he calls, to tell me loves me, and I feel maybe the day isn't so bad after all.
When I nap I know he'll be the one to wake me, so I sleep better.
When I'm down, I know he does't feel any better, and it makes me feel guilty.
My hands feel so empty without his to fill them up.
I miss you.
Couldn't sleep again last night. Jellybean got damp, and Raoul & Raoul2 watching me sleep beside my pillow got covered with used tissues.
Wish I was home. Wish I was with him.
I love you.
Joyce love Ziggy baby *muakz*

Thank You

My tea's gone cold
I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all
The morning rain cloud's up my window
And I can't see at all
And even if I could it would all be grey
But your picture on my wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad
It's not so bad

drank too much last night
I've bills to pay
My head just feels in pain
I missed the bus and there'll be hell to pay
I'm late for work again
And even if I'm there they'll all imply
That I might not last the day
And then you call me and it's not so bad
It's not so bad, and

I, want to thank you
For giving me the best day of my life
Oh, just to be with you
Is having the best day of my life

Push the door I'm home at last
And I'm soaking through and through
Then you handed me a towel
And all I see is you
And even if my house falls down now
I wouldn't have a clue
Because you're near me, and

I, want to thank you
For giving me the best day of my life
Oh, just to be with you
Is having the best day of my life.

Thank you

Thank you baby. Thank you for everything. For the comfort after the longest, worst days, and for the love on the emptiest and loneliest of nights.

I love you.

Thank you.

Study Days

How my table looks like nowadays. Yea, it's messy. I noticed.

Raoul & Raoul2 watching me study :)

Food supply running low, study materials increasing. Sigh.

I love them >.<>

Convo Week

Dear lonely isle,

This week is a supposedly holiday for UMS-ians here because of the intrusion of a certain event known as Convo Week. Last year seniors look forward to this day as a working man waits for Friday. Liberation Day. Of course it's a time when all sorts of advertisements will appear at bus stops, hallways and wherever people are allowed to stick paper >.<
And it's also the time of the year for what is known as Tamu Gadang, big pasar malam held for the whole day for a week. Probably so UMS-ians will go out and spend more money on food and nonsensical things *guilty*
And wherever there's huge crowds, there's also........
The Red Cresent Society >.<
Sigh, it's one of the dumbest idea I've heard, but I find lots of things dumb as it is, so I don't think I'm allowed an opinion on this >.<
Well all Red Cresent members have to duty for 8 hours a day for 2 days in Convo Week. Which would make it a total 16 hours. In case people faint at huge pasar malams. Yeah, I know. Dumb.
So my shifts are from 3pm to 11pm on Wednesday and Friday night. (took the night shift. No choice.)

PBSM duty again. Note to all people. If ever you need assistance because you feel unwell, avoid us. WE ARE UNTRAINED >.<. I only know how to bandage heads, and arms with a cloth I don't bring around.

Eh hem, so longer duty hours mean spending more time at Tamu Gadang, and possibly more food to eat >.<>

A mutated tortoise >.<

Micu, Raoul2 & Bobo.

Aren't they so adorably cute!!!!!! Micu is Mei Kuan's, Bobo belongs to Bee Siah, and no prize for guessing who's the owner of Raoul2 :P

Other events on that night was the Merdeka Countdown. There were fireworks :) So beautiful. But my phone died, cos was talking too long to my baby so I couldn't record it T_T

Sat the ambulance back to the hostel again >.<>.<

Got back at 1. Took a bath and washed my face. Then the electricity went out. Sigh. Nothing new here. Then when it cam back on, what did I find?

A cockroach sitting on my toothbrush.

Just left the cupboard open for awhile...Why does these things always happen to me? Why is my room the target of seemingly endless attacks from cockroaches night after night? Why is it that I'm SO GODDAMN TERRIFIED OF THEM?

If I ever were to run back home, there's no need to ask why, it's the goddamn cockroaches.

Raoul & Raoul2 getting along :)

Sigh, duty again later at 3pm. Not looking forward to it :(

love, joyce.

Happy Day

Dear lonely isle,
This Tuesday I went for another outing in KK :)
Yes, yes I know I should be studying, what with exams coming and all, but we all need a break once in awhile, no? Better yet, when my parents called and I told them about it, they were like, good good, go out more. Don't study so hard. Relax >.<
Sometimes I think I worry more than they do.
And, going out would mean eating better food!! :)
Also, I needed to buy more groceries, as I'm running low.
Err, but what happened was, I bought un-grocery stuff >.<

My new bag :) Couldn't resist.

Back view

Side view

Bought a skirt too :)

Came back estatically happy ;) What can I say, girls like shopping. Hehe, spend money, wallet empty but heart happy >.<

Then I realised I forgot to get my groceries >.<

Yes, yes, insaf di. No need to berate me anymore :P

love, joyce.

Friday, August 25, 2006

UMS Student Threatened By Bankruptcy

Dear lonely isle,
My money is flying away. Everyday it seems more and more of my money packs its bags and leaves me, without even waving goodbye.
It seems that every now and then I'm forced to fork out money for photostating and meaningless contributions to various bodies and organizations for one reason or another, sometimes in the hoax of buying a shirt we were later told isn't really compulsory, but since we already paid, oh well what the heck eh? Say the seniors. God knows how many times they've conned my money. Or maybe for their Family Day outing which it is compulsory for juniors to pay for the major part of their expenses, but not compulsory for us to go >.<
What kind of sick person decided that?
Someone who probably has a lot of my money... the bastard.
So every week I find myself making trips to the one of the hottest spots in the campus besides the toilet. The ATM machine. Seriously, if you want to withdraw money without waiting for half an hour before you can, go at nine. Any later you can be prepared to queue until your hair turns white. And this is a normal occurance, EVERY DAMN DAY. Makes you think how UMS students are ALWAYS short of money, especially the juniors. Went to the ATM like twice this week already, going to be bankrupt soon. So I think it's wise to start my petition now.
Dear concerned friends and various people who are fortunate enough to hear my plight,
I will probably be bankrupt soon. Now's your chance to do you bit for society *cough* me *cough*.
Take some time off to send me some money :D All contributions must be made to
No. 3.03, Block B,
Kampung D, Kolej Kediaman CD,
Universiti Malaysia Sabah,
Beg berkunci 2073,
88999, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Please take note that all contributions should be addressed to Miss Jocelyn Toh, and the minimum amout is RM100. (for my baby it's RM200. You love me don't you? :) )
~Help save me before it's too late!~

Below are pics of my new phone cover. It was too cute. I couldnt resist. And don't worry it's only RM5 :P
Yes, yes I know I shouldn't waste money, but I needed it?
Ok, ok, I WANTED it :P

A coursemate told me the chinese word means 'soup'. Is this true? Because I love soup. And happen to be soup depraved. So for those of you who are fortunate to enjoy soup, count your blessings and mail some to the address given above. Thanks! I know you love me :)
And I don't understand why do I seem to be targeted by cockroaches. Got attacked by another one last night. T_T I now have a new hero. Her name is Fatimah. She is my roommate. She saves me from roaches :)

Exams coming... just kill me..

love, joyce.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Terlalu Istimewa

Ku tak tergambar wajahmu
Sinar mata itu
lirik senyumanmu
pesona yang membelai
wajahmu bercahaya
memberi bahagia
tiap yang memandang
hati jadi salju
kau terlalu istimewa
kasih dan sayangmu terpancar
seikhlas tiada batasan
terus membara
terkilan rasa jiwa
ingin ku lihat mu dewasa
apa daya
Tuhan lebih menyayangimu
ku pasti kau berbahagia
duduk di sampingnya
mendengar cerita
sekadar rahsia
kau terlalu istimewa
kasih dan sayangmu terpancar
seikhlas tiada batasan
terus membara
terkilan rasa jiwa
ingin ku lihatmu dewasa
apa daya
Tuhan lebih menyayangimu
tak tertanggung rindu
mendengar suaramu
tawa mengusik jiwa
seikhlas tiada batasan
terus membara
terkilan rasa jiwa
ingin ku melihatmu dewasa
apa daya
Tuhan lebih menyayangimu
Terlalu Istimewa
Adibah Noor

The Sock Remover

Bee Siah, Mei Kuan & me.
PBSM duty on Sunday.

Dear lonely isle,

Had PBSM duty yesterday. In case you didn't know, I joined the red cresent society.

Because I was told by seniors it's easy to score >.<

Haha what? You think I turned a new leaf? Anyway, yesterday was sports day between kolejs. As usual, my kolej managed to place last. I think.

There was lots of running, people falling down, injuring themselves, getting cramps, aches, and god knows what else. Thank god more experienced PBSM peopl were there. I would have just stood there and said "er." So what I did yesterday was remove people's socks and shoes so that the seniors can massage and do whatever it is they do. And yea, I just didn;t think about the fact that they just completed a run, or finished a race and peeled away the socks. The seniors had to massage, bandage, ice and do other ickier stuff than taking their shoes off. They're quite efficient. I can see that they probably do this on a daily basis.

Voluntarily massaging sweaty people. Some people are too noble for their own good.

And even if I don't learn something by the end of this semester, I'll have new pyjamas anyway :P (for those of you who didn't know, my old PBSM shirt I had in standard 6 is still being used as my pyjamas till this very day. )

love, joyce.

Wanted: Someone To Take Care Of Me

Dear lonely isle,

Last last Saturday, I was feverish.
Had rectal bleeding.
On Sunday I developed rashes.
Yes, people I know I'm heaty.

Yes, I know. Must drink more water, rest more, & eat more veggie.

Hehe thanks. I know you care :)

So on Monday, my baby made me go and see the doctor.

My medication.

Calamine lotion for the rashes.

Something for the bleeding.

Doctor said to take more fibre in my diet.

New staple food :)

Bye bye Maggi. It is now a delicacy I take when I don't have food or is too lazy to go to the canteen and adopt the surrounding smell >.<>

love, joyce.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Hanging By A Moment

"..I'm living for the only thing I know,
I'm running and i question where to go,
and I don't know what I'm tapping into,
just hanging by a moment here with you.."
Dear lonely isle,
That day after lecture I was chatting with some girls from Industrial Chemistry. We were comparing Form 6 and uni. It was then I realised that I really enjoyed form 6.
I enjoy everything with you guys.
Even sucky math tuition late at night :)
Or chem tuition on Saturdays.
When I think of form 6, the things that come to mind are:
  • Cheng Choo & Chee Wei ;P The best sleeping buddies. Ever. I love you guys!
  • Insect catching. Or in my case, observing insect catching. Hehe it's an excuse to hang out with you guys and go out every evening >.<"
  • Cockroach hunting. Ben Lim shares my fear :P I will never forget that.
  • Collecting plant samples to press. Aka Driving The Car Around & Stealing Plants.
  • Duty days on Monday :) At one point it became Analyse ES Day. The day my brain will be put to work and taxed over & over again with the same questions, forcing me to repeat my answers in various different forms or formulating new solutions :P Naturally she doesn't listen to me. She never does >.<" Which is why I keep answering the same questions.
  • MPT5 & 6 Atas. I had fun :) Lots of it. Scraping pass end year exams was worth it. Or did I fail my Peng. Am?
  • Slavery on Fridays, Saturdays and various different days, depending on our beloved slave driver, Pn. Loh ;) What other kind of slavery can you sing all you want? Hehe I love choir practices. Miss singing with you guys so much..
  • Outings. Either in Chloe or Nicole ;p Singing to songs on the radio and going round eating.
  • Supper every weekend . Or most weekends.
  • JB trip.

Can you bring back those times?

I didn't like STPM, but I'd go through it all over again with you guys than to be alone here.

I miss you guys.

love, joyce.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Hate Sun

Dear lonely isle,
After the blistering cold week we had last week, this week took a completely different turn.
It's now insanely hot and humid.
Everything you do will result in only one thing: perspiration.
Sit at the bus stop. Sweat.
After bath. sweat.
Eat. Sweat.
Every damn thing you do will induce you to sweat.
What is wrong with this place????????
The weather is killing me. Will die from irritation soon.
love, joyce.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Erm, Misc Pictures.

Welcome to UMS

One of the lecture halls.
What passes for freezers in UMS.
Friggin cold in there. Christine I heard UM lecture halls are saunas.
You'l be so slim =)

Me after cleaning the room.

Regarding your question some time ago, Ann Gee , this is where I wash my clothes. No, there is no washing machine.
Shows the civic mindedness of my floormates, when someone has to stick something like that.

I'm taking a FOREIGN language people.

Arab homework. Tauge anyone?

My physics notes. Look familiar, Ann Gee? :P

My staple food.

Bee Siah's chlorophyll water. She swears by it.

Bee Siah, Mei Kuan, me & Sue Fern
Waiting for bus to KK. And for Ken Wai too actually >.<"