Wednesday, January 23, 2008

-thank you baby-

-you make me so happy-


-from all of us here-

Joyce love Ziggy

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday at the Mechanic's

Dear lonely isle,

My poor car kept staining the porch floor with engine oil due to a leak somewhere.
For quite some time the naggy thoughts of it persisted, and I actually started to worry if my car will overheat in the middle of the road when I drive it one day, possibly on the day I go to pick Ziggy up from the airport. Yes, what a nightmare.
As a matter of fact, it scared me so much that this morning I jumped up out of bed at the first ring of the alarm and changed (and brushed my teeth, bla, bla, bla..) and went downstairs to pop the hood of my car.

And then as I surveyed the "world 'neath the hood" I realize I don't know how to check my engine oil. Yes, I gazed upon the various parts of the car that made it go like one who has yet to see an engine for the first time.
So what do you do?
I called my dad.
He said to take it to the petrol station, pump in some petrol then get the gas attendant to check the oil for me.
So okay, I planned to go before my class at ten.

But whaddayaknow? My classes for today got cancelled :)
All of them :D

So maybe it's time to visit the mechanic's workshop to get my poor leaky car fixed.
Turns out that the belt (not sure of the term, was translated by my room mate) preventing leaks has worn out, and needs to be changed. Problem is, for Kancils, the only way to change it is to take out the entire engine, replace it and then fit it back. Which will take several days. Because they're having a busy week. No, the process doesn't take several days, but they will, because they can't attend to my car just yet.
But I can't leave my car in the workshop for several days!
I'd have to take the bus *shudders* to class!
(Yes I know I'm a spoilt brat :P)

Anyway, the mechanic says not to worry, the leak isn't very bad. I just need to check the oil regularly and refill when necessary. Despite the leak being there since forever, the oil level is still at Full >.<"
So no worries. Joyce now knows how to check her engine oil :D

Then decided to explore the area a bit after that, under the supervision of my room mate, in case I got lost. Went to Damai, but most of the eateries were closed. It was only after all, nearly ten in the morning. Most of the hawker stalls there only open for business at 6 pm.

Then we went to City Mall, passing by Food City, which in the daytime became Dead City. Yes, hawker stalls in hawker centres are nocturnal creatures. They only become active after dark.

There wasn't much to see in City Mall.
Maybe because it's still new.
Maybe because it was still early in the morning.
Maybe because it's a Monday, and everyone is at work.
Maybe because Sabah is partially dead in some areas.
Maybe. Who knows?

Anyway, entered a cute shop selling cute cards. I think you could send these out as cards, but there's a little twist to it, because they can be opened up into interesting things and propped up to make a cute deco for your room or house. My roommate, Kim and I, unable to resist the temptation, each bought one. And to think I keep wondering where does all my cash go...

Mine! Cute ne~ ?

Kim's! Hers looks more happening than mine >.<

After that, we entered Popular to kill time while waiting for eateries to open for lunch. Was feeling very lethargic and hungry. Probably from the relief that there was nothing seriously wrong with my car.

On another note, my dad says that if it's gonna cost him an arm, a leg, or any other body parts to fix the leak, he says I can just continue buying engine oil >.<"

And yes, I couldn't help myself again. In Popular I bought myself a pencil case. I know I didn't need one, yet I wanted one... So I picked a RM 2.50 one. Actually I had to borrow money from Kim to pay for it >.<" Didn't bring much cash out. What I had was spent buying stuff in the cute shop. And no, the card was not the only thing I bought :P

My RM2.50 pencil case. I hope it lasts.
Ziggy says that things tend to last longer with me.
Is it true?

Oh and while I was taking pictures of the things I bought today, I decided to take a picture of my RemindHer, my alarm/beeper/reminder thingy that (you guessed it) reminds me to take my pills at 10pm every night. It sounds like a dying cat though, I had a shock last night, thinking Cat might have died.

I think it's really rather pretty looking :)

love, joyce.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Why I'm Not A Morning Person

Dear lonely isle,

Someone up there doesn't like me today. I know because everything felt like a joke.
It was so funny, I was so TULAN.

It started off with me waking up late. Class starts at 8am.
I woke up at 7.30am.
After gulping down my hastily made Milo and dashing out to the car, it was 7.40am.
Jammed all the way to campus. It was already 8am.
Went to the lecture halls. Seems that there's an event of some kind at the main lecture hall.
How can I tell? Maybe because of the teams of fat, stupid old ladies with no sense of personal safety. They step onto the road without even bothering to look if you would stop. Oh no, humongous, gaudy looking thing like me? Even the blindest driver would notice, hon. Some really didn't even notice your car 'sneaking' up on them, because you can see the surprise in their eyes when they turn around, and realise for the first time in their lives, that someone invented the automobile. Wanted to bang them down so badly as an example towards other imbecillic old people.
Nevermind. I shall not hon at stupid fat crones.
And because of the bloody stupid event, the lecture hall carparks, which are usually half full on a normal day, were BLOODY FREAKING DAMN FULL. Okay. Late for class, and no parking space. I thought things like this only happens in shopping malls on weekends! Yeah we had a mini Mid Valley parking space hunting experience just now.
So I park my car directly in front of the lecture halls, which students are wont to do when they feel lazy. When I get out of the car, I hear the most unpleasant voice ever.
"Ah moi, ah moi, itu kereta awak? Tak boleh pakking kat situ. Pegi letak tempat lain."
WHAT BLOODY SHIT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? USE YOUR EYES YOU STUPID LITTLE MAN. THEY'RE SITUATED ON YOUR FACE. IT'S TO LOOK AT AND SEE WITH, THAT'S WHAT GOD PUT IT ON YOUR FACE FOR. CAN'T YOU BLOODY WELL SEE THAT THE CARPARK IS BLOODY FULL? Oh yes, I'm dreadfully sorry, I totally missed the point that you had your eyes surgically removed and placed on your backside. No wonder you had to look at me with you behind.
Nevermind. I will not bang down stupid toy guards.
So I go back to hunting for parking space, all the while avoiding killing stupid old ladies in gaudy baju kurungs. Okay, finally found one. Now DASH to class.
Sat down. Time. 8.10am.

Ten minutes later, my lecturer announces, "Okay, I have finished all my slides. Lecture over. Dismissed. There will be no attendance taken today."




It was 8.20am.


Now back to the carpark to retrieve my car. What I saw was this.


I forgot to bring my camera along today, so you'll just have to settle for my artwork with Microsoft Paint.

love, joyce.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So Sick

"..have you ever been low?
have you ever had a friend that let you down so?
when the truth came out,
were you the last to know?
were you left out in the cold?
have you ever been low?.."

Dear lonely isle,

You know how some days everything you touch just turns into shit and nothing just ever comes out the way it's supposed to be?
You know how some days everything you do just doesn't feel right?
You know period days?
You know days you wake up to that you rather wish you were dead?
You know how some days are so difficult to go through? With that runny nose, fits of sneezing, red, puffy, stinging eyes, and a tiredness that just won't go away? And the finishing line is just so far beyond your reach?
You know days you really wish someone was there or that someone could be there?
You know days someone wasn't there?
You know days when you just go back and cry in your room because everything somehow just turned out so horrible?

You know days you never felt more alone?

Do you?

Today was one of those days.

love, joyce.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pao Addict

Dear lonely isle,

Lately I'm getting addicted to pao.
It's all the rage in this house at least.
I think I can consume pao for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and midnight snack.
Yeah, I like it that much. Hence the word "addicted".

The pao can be bought in packets from the frozen foods section in Giant.

Vegetarian Meat Buns.
Talk about being inconsistent.

Freshly steamed pao.
Hehe, pao boobies!

White, soft, fluffy dough with juicy vegetarian meat filling.

Let's take a closer look.
I'll help you.

Overexposed Pao.

I'm feeling hungry just blogging about this.

Hot pao = happy innards :)

Now you see it.

5 minutes later...

Now you don't!

Pao was goooooood.

This reminds me of a show though.
Last semester, if memory serves me correctly, me and my mom were flicking through the local tv channels. (No, we don't have Astro.)
Finding nothing to watch, we settled on a local horror production.
No really, I watched it too.
Well that would probably be due to the fact that we didn't know it was a horror show.

I mean, how many horror shows go along the title 'Pau Suri'?
Anyway the show was pretty weird, because it started with a girl, whom we're introduced to as Suri; hardworking, poor maiden bereaved of parents at an early age.
Somehow,she acquired pao-making skills along the way and so thus made and sold pao for a living. And what awesome pao-making skills they were too, because apparently those that ate it fell in love at first bite.

From the appearance of the pao, they look to me like flattened lumps of what probably used to be pao. Okay, maybe the secret to making fantastic pao is to flatten it. I wouldn't know.

Back to the story, we are now brought to the present day (yes, apparently Suri lived in the past). So here's a story of a girl who stops to buy goreng pisang on the way home from work. Now the narrator's voice gets ominous, telling the unexcited audience that all is not it seems. And truly, for the moment the girl leaves her goreng pisang unattended in the living room, they all miraculously turned into pao.

(Yes, let that be a lesson to all of you. Never leave your goreng pisang unattended. Even if they all do not miraculously turn into pao, they might all mysteriously disappear. You might want to check if your brother eats lesser for dinner that day, a very suspicious circumstance. Possibly he had been gorging himself on goreng pisang. )

So the girl's room mate, returning home at some later time, suddenly feels hungry and checks out the plastic bag in the living room. She then asks her room mate if she had bought pao.
The reaction was, (translated)

Girl 1 : Pao? What pao?
Girl 2 : The pao someone obviously bought. Since there's only 2 of us living here, and it wasn't me, I'd thought it would be you.
Girl 1 : But I didn't buy pao...Hey, where's my goreng pisang? I bought goreng pisang!
(Moral lesson 1: Don't leave your goreng pisang unattended.)

Girl 2 : Are you sure?
Girl 1 : I did! Maybe the stupid vendor gave me pao instead of goreng pisang..but does he sell pao?
(Moral lesson 2: Do not be so hasty to call vendors stupid. I'm very sure he is highly capable of differentiating between a longish, yellowish, fried object and a roundish, flattened, steamed object.)

So the matter was resolved. The vendor was stupid and she developed a sudden case of amnesia. At any rate, that didn't slow them from wolfing down a few pao.

Girl 1 : Eh, this pao is pretty good!
Girl 2 : Delicious wei.

We, the viewers were shown that there were only 3 pao left.

So later on, at night, Girl 2 came down for a late night snack. She remembers the god-amazing pao she tasted earlier and decided to have some more. And because this is supposed to be a horror movie and because awesome mysterious (or would sinister be more appropriate?) forces are at work, lo and behold, there was once again a full plate of pao on the table awaiting her. So Girl 2, possibly in her half awake state, thought that heaven had truely descended, and finished all the pao.

After Girl 2 went back to bed, Girl 1 got up and got hungry, and went to explore the kitchen too. She poured herself a glass of water from the kettle on the stove and noticed a plate of pao sitting innocently on the stove. Well, obviously she ate it. All.

With this, the narrator continued to intone, in a voice he thinks is ominous, that Suri's pao is not to be taken lightly, as they will bewitch all that eat them. And then we are treated to a ghostly figure, apparently Suri, watching from the window.

And so went on the rest of the show, pretty much the two silly and moreover extremely greedy girls, continuing to gorge themselves on pao whenever they see it, both eating and eating until they don't even realise they're eating anymore. At first they both assumed that the other one bought the pao and then proceeded to eat it. Discreetly at first, the pao refilled its numbers on the plate, and they would find a plate of pao separately, and eat everything. This then evolved to even as they shared a plate of pao while watching tv, both pigs didn't seem to realise that the plate of pao never seemed to finish. There was always a few left no matter how much they ate.

Anyway, I didn't really finish the show, went out before it ended.

Somehow this pao addiction suddenly reminded me of so absurd a show.

love, joyce.


Dear baby,

Being with you feels like this.

I've been awake for awhile now
you got me feelin' like a child now
cause every time I see your bubbly face
I get the tingles in a silly place

it starts in my toes
and I crinkle my nose
where ever it goes
I'll always know
you make me smile
please stay for awhile now
just take your time
where ever you go

the rain is fallin' on my window pane
but we're hidin' in a safer place
under covers stayin' dry and warm
you give me feelings that I adore

they start in my toes
make me crinkle my nose
where ever it goes
I'll always know
that you make me smile
please stay for awhile now
just take your time
where ever you go

I've been asleep for awhile now
you tucked me in just like a child now
and every time you hold me in your arms
I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth

it starts in my soul
and I lose all control
when you kiss my nose
the feelin' shows
cause you make me smile baby
just take your time now
holdin' me tight.

Colbie Caillat

love, joyce.

The Preparation Begins.

(Mine and Bee Bee's pails lining up the hallway.
No prizes for guessing which are mine.)

Student In Dire Need of Water

Dear lonely isle,

Did you hear the news?



Everyone in the house has been going through a clothes washing spree, and water boiling spree. Tonight will probably mark the bathing spree, as well as water collecting spree.
Think I better start my toilet-going spree as well.

To think that the afternoons now are so hot, I sincerely believe that you can slowly boil a glass of water by just leaving it out in the sun.
Yeah, sure it's windy, just like how the desert is windy.
It's so hot, any sun rays on your skin hurts.
Forget a glass of water, I believe you can actually cook a person by forcing him or her to stand beyond the safety net of any shade. Possibly burnt to a crisp. Yummy.

And hot afternoons require baths.
But baths require water.
Which there will be none, in the next two days.

What is a girl to do?
Yes, I know that what we collected the water for. But I don't think two pails of water is enough for me to bathe for 2 days. (Not counting my flossing, face-washing, hand-washing, etc. etc.)
Which reminds me, I should wash my hair tonight.

(Because washing hair takes up twice the amount of water you need to shower. Yes, it really does. I have longer hair than you do. I use more water, more shampoo, more conditioner, more time and more effort overall. Yes, I should really consider cutting it. No, I'm not going to cut it. Yet.)

On another note, I HATE MY TIMETABLE.
Oh yes, don't we all hate our timetable?
I can already foresee a future with no spare time, no free time and possibly no sleeping time.
And come mid terms, GONG HEI FATT CHOY :)
It's a full blown circus, trying to juggle lectures, labs, reports (I've got 4 a week by the way. Yes, god bless me.), assignments, studying and still find time to sleep on top of everything.

Speaking of sleep, the heat is making me really drowsy...

If you'll excuse me, the bed awaits.

love, joyce.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

From me to you.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Constant Change

Dear lonely isle,

Today someone said, the only constant thing in the world is change.
Somehow I find that so ironic, don't you?

love, joyce.

Monday, January 07, 2008


I don't know what this looks like to you.
To me, it is SUPPER :D

Whee~ porridge and egg. YUM

Good snack after arab class at night.


Living To Eat

Dear lonely isle,

I think I am eating too much nowadays.

My level of exercise is very nearly...okay let's not kid ourselves. It is nil.

Just now I had 2 pieces of bread for dinner at 6pm. I am now starting to feel hungry again. My brain certainly thought 2 slices of bread were more than sufficient to fuel my low maintenance body (what with lack of movement and all), with peanut butter and chocolate spread, but evidently my stomach thinks otherwise and is protesting loudly now. No doubt, around 1am I will yet again feel hungry, should I give in to the whims of my insatiable tummy right now.

So how do we go about this?
Sleep insanely early? (about 11pm to 12am)
That's a plan. Would certainly be good for my early morning classes and to the delight of my lecturers. (Me not sleeping in class is a miraculous wonder to all, myself included)
Besides, I can feel the sleepiness setting in already...

But but night is complete without my daily messages to *eh hem*cough**cough*. And right now, your guess is as good as mine where he is. He dropped off the face of the earth (no contact) at 8 something.
Okay I can already see some of you forming opinions of me being a stalker/control freak/overposessive nut/warden/etc. etc. etc. But I am making a (very) serious effort not to! I kid you not.

Yet somehow, everytime I'm back in Sabah, the weight will eventually go somewhere.
Yes, probably straight home. No doubt, waiting for me to collect them upon my immediate return.

So I guess that settles it then. Now I just have to decide what to feed this naughty tummy of mine....

What would u like to eat, dear?

love, joyce.

Midnight At McDs

Dear lonely isle,

Last night, at approximately 12.14am, I got a message on my MSN.
It was Kim.
She said, Joycy, I know I'm not supposed to do this, but I want to eat fries....
Yes, the amazing wonders of the internet. She was upstairs in the room, I was downstairs in the living room.
Very soon we will probably never communicate face to face anymore, we will just chat online.
To which I replied, Okay, McDs is on 24 hours. Oh, and please bring my bag down.
See how useful the internet is?

Anyway, earlier on I mentioned about our dear visitor friend who was actually dead on our doorstep. Yes, I'm talking about the leech.

So Yasmin wanted to drive, and we all started to get up and go; me, Kim and Yasmin.
Kim was supposed to lock up the house, so Yasmin and I went out first while Kim hunted for the keys.

At the doorway,
Yasmin : Kim, becareful! Don't step on the pacat!
(went out to the car)
Kim : Okay!
Joyce : Kim, don't step on the pacat k!
(went out to the car)
Kim : Yeslah.

5 minutes later,



love, joyce.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hello there!

Dear lonely isle,

Guess who crawled into the living room today?

He lay unobtrusively near the edge of a carpet, surprisingly no one stepped on him.

I wonder who brought him in? Or did he crawl all the way from the garden by himself?

Look familiar Ann Gee?

Upon closer inspection.

Go ahead, click on the picture and zoom in.

Well, we obviously can't leave him there, he might bite someone who accidentally stepped on him. So Yasmin told Kim to put a bit of salt on him, but in the end did it herself. I think we need to reconsider her definition of 'a bit'.

Anyway, after salt was thrown, what happened was this

He didn't move one bit.
He didn't squirm, he didn't wiggle.

Then we realised, the poor thing was already dead.

love, joyce.



yes, I'm talking about you

The (Very Long) Journey

"..I'll be there,
some day

Dear lonely isle,

We all start somewhere at the beginning. Doesn't matter what kind of beginning, but the important thing is to start somewhere. Doesn't matter if we're late, so as long as we start somewhere. And starting is always better than not starting at all.
But after you start, when does it end?
Where does it end?
How does it end?
Actually for me, I'm more interested in, how long more do I have to go?
How much further is there?
Yes, even as I start this semester I'm already wishing it will end. Soon. Tomorrow. Preferably right now.
Even as my plane touches down in Sabah, I am already raring to go back.
Somewhere at the back of my mind I am vaguely aware that I have been telling people who spend all their time studying to relax a little and enjoy their days of university life, but yet i neglect to do the same.

It's hard to enjoy anything when all your longing is directed some place else.

Or for that matter, to be more precise, at someone who is some place else.

Everyone keeps saying that you will appreciate your study days when you start the phenomena known and feared by some part of the population of the adults, loved and worshipped by other parts, and maybe loathed even more by some. Maybe it all depends on what line of work you do, how much you like it to begin with, and what are your salary prospects. Maybe even the environment of your workplace plays some role in how strongly you feel towards dragging yourself out of bed at an ungodly hour to do an honest day's work.

For me, who knows, dreary as my future work promises to be, tearfully boring as I predict it to be, painfully aware of how bright (or in my case, how awfully dim) my career prospects are, maybe what I look forward to in the future, is to going home.

Maybe home is not what I envision it to be in future, maybe home will be a flimsy illusion of what I imagine now. After all, when you spend so much time away, who's to say you'll get along living in such close proximity everyday. Who's to know how tight spaces will drive you further away, rather than encourage you to be closer. Maybe there won't even be this future I speak of to begin with. Maybe we never got that far.

But what are humans without faith? As what are humans without folly?

Yes, to have faith, you must also have folly. Otherwise we cannot believe. Trust is something you do not do, if you are wholly rational, or thinking. It is when we suspend logical analysis that we put faith into our hearts and allow ourselves to step blindly off into no man's land.
Well, being human as I am, I am not without faith (as I am also not without folly).
And somehow, here we are, right at the beginning.

It looks to be a very long journey.

And even as I take the first step, I find myself asking,

Are we there yet?

love, joyce.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Arabic Keyboard

Dear lonely isle,

You know how does a laptop keyboard look like right?
Mine looks like this now.

With arabic alphabets

Looks kinda cool huh?
Thought so myself :P

Makes it a bit harder to see though.

love, joyce.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

6 Weeks

Dear lonely isle,

My semester break officially started on 21st November when I returned home after a long suffering 4-month semester in Sabah. And so thus began my 6 weeks of FUN :D

Starbucks Subang

I miss Choc Frap!

3 girls + chocolate cake = empty plate

Camwhoring with Ann Gee and Christine

More camwhoring with Ziggy.

Yes, we're boring people, camera wise.

At Starbucks in Pyramid new wing, after watching the Golden Compass.
They serve excellent Choc Frap there. So chocolatey and sinful :P
Oh, the movie was a disappointment by the way. Don't watch.
Unless you're fanatic about polar bears.

My niece!
2 weeks old in these pictures.
Meet Chia En :)

So cute!

Ziggy bought me a black dress.
Happy happy :)

At Sakae Sushi, trying out their food.
Not bad.

I love chawan mushi!

I love Ziggy too!

Subang Parade Christmas deco

Dinner at Soul Out!

With my mom and dad.
Miss them :(

Little girl from the next table.
She has such adorable, pinchable cheeks!
No. Not at Soul Out!. Had steamboat with some relatives.

My brother thinks he's cool.

My brother thinks he's cute.

Ann Gee's and Eu Shen's pre-21st birthday celebration at my place

Her chocolate-covered-marshmallow cheesecake. Evil looking.
Note to self: Stick to normal cheesecakes.
Marshmallow and cheesecake should be eaten separately.

What can I say?
Pretty girls make pretty picture :P

Eu Shen's and Ann Gee's 21st birthday party at her place.

Hehe. Haagen dazs ice-cream cake. Yummy!

Christmas eve dinner with Ziggy at Nero Vivo in KL
It's open air, nice cozy place

Just by tasting it you can tell it is sinful.
Anything that tastes that good has got to be sinful.

Pan-seared foie gras with truffle mash potato

Yesh. I know it looks half eaten.
It was. The food got attacked before I remembered to take a picture.

Chocolate liquer

Main Course
I suspect I will dream about this for many years to come.
It's just too good.
Officially the undisputed best steak I have eaten.

Kobe beef steak.
Nuff said.

My Christmas present!
Thank you baby :)
I really love it

Sony Cyber-Shot T200

My baby's Nikon :P

Oooo~ Dessert
Panacotta! Yum!

Dinner was great :)
And expensive T_T
Thank you baby

Ignore my boobs.

Baby or flowers?
I can't decide...

Can I have both?

I like flowers.

I really like flowers.

Ichigo with my pink baby

Ichigo with my baby's baby.

I like kisses too :P

Supper at Sri Melur, Christine's place.

Pd trip with Ziggy the next day!

Post Christmas-feasting
At Itallianies

Spaghetti Carbonara for tea

Ziggy loves carbonara.
I love Ziggy.

I love bread pudding too.

At Tony Roma's

Baked potato skins for supper.

TR Chocolate Avalanche

Chocolate brownie with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.
Heaven in a cup.

Met up with Shima at Mid Valley.
The girl is still the same :P

Cute, small bunny with smoky eyes.

Can you teach me to shadow my eyes like that?

More Post-Christmas feasting
At Manhattan Fish Market

Sorry! Got too hungry, forgot to take pictures of the food

Bought a new camera pouch for my pink baby.

Left: New pouch for hard wear and use in Sabah
Right: Pink leather cover from Sony

McD McTeddies!

I like how they look all together like that

My very own J bear

New Year's eve in Genting
Note to self: Do not drive up Genting on New Year's eve night.
The air was filled with the smoke from overheated engines.
Yeah, jamming up the Genting Highlands slope is not fun.

With Ann Gee in First World

Did I say I love Ziggy?
Nevermind, to be safe I'll tell you again.
I love Ziggy :)

Somewhere outside

Happy New Year!
My day was dampened by my flight back to Sabah though.

Not-So-Happy New Year's day
Christine came for lunch at my place :)
Ann Gee couldn't make it :(

Nevermind, we'll have other lunches together ;)

Camwhoring with Christine

And Ziggy too.

3.45pm, KLIA

I hate goodbyes.
I miss you so damn much.

love, joyce.