Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Stuff You Learn...

Dear lonely isle,

Did you know?

  • I want to watch Batman Begins.
  • One of the Important People in my life has never watched any of the Batman movies before.
  • My IQ is 110.
  • Based on my mentality, I should be 20.
  • According to how I live my life, I should die by the age of 76.
  • My Star Wars pickup line is "Hey! Did you just grab my ass from across the room with your Force Grip?"
  • My Amazing Yoda Sex Line is "Do me or do me not-there is no try."
  • My Star Wars Horoscope, against all evidence, says that I most resemble C3Po (come on, everyone KNOWS I'm the lean, mean, asthmatic-breathing killing machine).
  • My Sexy Brazilian name is Maryeva Pires.
  • That the chances I'll go to hell is 14%.
  • That I'm 60% normal (really normal).
  • That I was born in the Year of The Rabbit, but i really should have been born in the Year of The Rabbit (goes to show, some things were made for you).
  • That my brain is 46.67% female and 53.33% male (hmm....I'm a guy now?).
  • That I have fantastic karma.
  • I really really want to watch Batman Begins (guys, *hint* *hint* *wink* *wink*)
  • That Someone really hasn't watched a SINGLE Batman movie.
Neither did I.

love, joyce.