Thursday, June 30, 2005

El Maximus Disgustus

"..deliver us,
from ewill..

Dear lonely isle,

Sometimes I think someone up there doesn't like me.
And I'm not talking about anything who lives in the attic. With the water tank.

  • Cockroaches are not my thing.
  • I don't know if they're anybody's thing, but they're certainly NOT mine.
  • Hell, I'm freaked by the beastly things. (And anything with more than 4 legs, actually)
  • And I have to produce some for tomorrow's peka. At least three.
  • Me. Catch roaches.
  • Some words don't go together.
  • Why do they exist? (If they didn't, I wouldn't have to catch them.)
  • And then, if they do exist, why are they extinct now? (When I need them!)
  • Why oh why is there a Murphy's Law??
  • When you don't need them, they're everywhere.
  • When you do, you can't even find a leg.
  • Damn the little suckers.
  • Linguistic geniuses. (Even if you speak in Hokkien they know you're after them.)
  • Hell, they're not even fooled by reverse psychology! (Believe you me, I know, I've tried.)
  • So guess I'll be staying up tonight. In the kitchen. With a net.
  • Yeah right. If you'll believe that. (Mind you, some people will believe anything.)
  • Anyways, I'd like to send a message of thanks to Chee Wei & Cheng Choo.
  • Without them, I'd be in the fields, or in some drain, catching insects.
  • Thank god for cheerleaders! (Who despite cheer practice (what, 24/7?) still have time to hunt for insects. Kudos for the brave people =))
  • They should be commended for their bravery in extreme peril (Them roaches/grasshoppers are dirty insects k? Probably coated with tons of germs) and given medals of honour (For their service to the community).
  • And thanks again, for the fact that I'm don't have to and won't have to crawl around in the fields, or in some drain, catching insects.

love, joyce.