Friday, June 03, 2005

A Patch of Blue

"..keep in mind,
we're under the same sky.."
Dear lonely isle,

I have been told once; that the sky is endless, continuous throughout our sacred earth, a blue blanket of clouds, rain, and dust. And it brings to mind a simple truth, anywhere we are in the world, be it oceans apart or in distant foreign lands, we are under the same sky. The very same patch of blue that hangs in my horizon is connected to yours, some few thousand miles away. You could say that continents are bridged by the sky.
It brings a sense of relief, that inexhaustable distances can still be reached, even if it is about sharing the same spot in the clouds. And the people I care about, be they in places I only dream of, are still within reach. They are but just beyond the horizon.
Though they'd be on the next continent, i feel that, like the sky, somehow we will always be connected. So sometimes when I feel the aching yearning of the heart for a dearly missed presence, it is a comfort that we share the same sky. It's a small thing, yet it draws a smile on my face.
To miss a person is a horrible feeling. It is a hunger that can never be filled, an endless echo that cannot quailed, a day without an end. The endless waiting is like holding your breath waiting for the next heartbeat that never seems to come. Someone who knows not of such feelings is a very lucky person to have escaped the misfortune of caring for another, and then having that person taken away, be it by inconvenient continents in the way, or by the unassailable, impossible, inpenetratable wall that divides the living from the dearly departed.
But behind this veil of anguish, perhaps there is an even greater mystery to uncover. In a way, it is a reminder to cherish the people by my side, to continue to love and appreciate them even more, as who can say when we will part, or even so, if our paths will cross again?
So I send this silent message for all those times I forgot to say how much I appreciate, love and care.

I hope it's not too late.

love, joyce.