Friday, September 01, 2006

"..can you see me,
here I am,
standing here where I've always been,
and when I feel like giving up,
I climb inside your heart and still find,
you're my safest place to hide.."

Dear lonely isle,
I think someone up there likes me. Really likes me alot.
Because I have him. He is everything to me, he means everything to me.
Everyday I miss him more and more, I miss him so much.
Even though I can't remember what it feels like to be hugged by him anymore, I know what it would feel like.
It would be warm. Because to just be close to him, to feel the warmth of his body fills me like nothing does.
It would be safe. Because when I feel his arms around me, I've never felt safer, or more secured.
It would be blissful.
I miss him so terribly much.
Although I cry myself to sleep every now and then missing him so badly, I say a silent prayer that I'm not crying because he's not mine anymore.
On bad days he calls, to tell me loves me, and I feel maybe the day isn't so bad after all.
When I nap I know he'll be the one to wake me, so I sleep better.
When I'm down, I know he does't feel any better, and it makes me feel guilty.
My hands feel so empty without his to fill them up.
I miss you.
Couldn't sleep again last night. Jellybean got damp, and Raoul & Raoul2 watching me sleep beside my pillow got covered with used tissues.
Wish I was home. Wish I was with him.
I love you.
Joyce love Ziggy baby *muakz*


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