Saturday, September 30, 2006

Exams and Ankles

Dear lonely isle,

Hmm, lets see, been some time since the last post, what happened. Ah yes, assignments assignments and mid terms again.
Had Earth and Planetary Science mid term yesterday. As good as dead. A really interesting topic until you have to study it. Then you really gotta pity geology students. They actually chose to study this??? Rocks, rocks, damn great bloody ROCKS. Whole syllabus is on GREAT BLOODY ROCKS. *cough*
It's really full of rocks. And things that really have nothing much to do with what I'm doing.
Today had my biotech mid term. Essays on transcription, translation, replication of DNA, mutation and history of biotechnology. Naturally not fun. But much nicer to study for than GREAT BLOODY ROCKS >.<
Okay now you know why I'm not taking geology. Hmm, should the show Lusa (aka The Day After Tomorrow) and The Core come true, we'll be relying on these people who spend almost all their time looking at ROCKS.
Saw the short lines about a woman in Cheng Choo's blog that day, made me smile. Thought it was really good, just so happens a friend of mine here having problems with her jerk of a boyfriend (make that the asshole too). He probably does believe women should be loved too, ALL women. Pretty ones. By him. With possibly makeup covered faces. Some guys are weird.
Well, I fell down the bus some time last week. Had fever, sore throat, cold and cough too. >.<>
Thought it was better already after it stopped hurting. Then this past Tuesday night as I was chasing the night bus after Arab class, somehow hurt it again. Okay, okay I get it I'm clumsy..
Anyway, seems to be swollen now. Everyone keeps asking me to massage it, but I have no idea how. Bee Siah and Mei Kuan says I can't let it get water, that I should bathe with a plastic bag over my foot >.<
Joyce goes "..uh.."
Sigh, any other suggestions? Don't really wanna go and see the doctor, because that would involve MORE WALKING. no bus service to the clinic. quite idiotic really. Sick students have to what, crawl there? Anyway, it hurts when I walk so don't wanna consider that first kay?
Other than that, this week coming up is another test on Tuesday and a pile of lab reports to complete, with another on the way T_T

Reports, reports, GREAT BLOODY REPORTS. I actually chose to do this???

love, joyce.