Friday, August 18, 2006

Hanging By A Moment

"..I'm living for the only thing I know,
I'm running and i question where to go,
and I don't know what I'm tapping into,
just hanging by a moment here with you.."
Dear lonely isle,
That day after lecture I was chatting with some girls from Industrial Chemistry. We were comparing Form 6 and uni. It was then I realised that I really enjoyed form 6.
I enjoy everything with you guys.
Even sucky math tuition late at night :)
Or chem tuition on Saturdays.
When I think of form 6, the things that come to mind are:
  • Cheng Choo & Chee Wei ;P The best sleeping buddies. Ever. I love you guys!
  • Insect catching. Or in my case, observing insect catching. Hehe it's an excuse to hang out with you guys and go out every evening >.<"
  • Cockroach hunting. Ben Lim shares my fear :P I will never forget that.
  • Collecting plant samples to press. Aka Driving The Car Around & Stealing Plants.
  • Duty days on Monday :) At one point it became Analyse ES Day. The day my brain will be put to work and taxed over & over again with the same questions, forcing me to repeat my answers in various different forms or formulating new solutions :P Naturally she doesn't listen to me. She never does >.<" Which is why I keep answering the same questions.
  • MPT5 & 6 Atas. I had fun :) Lots of it. Scraping pass end year exams was worth it. Or did I fail my Peng. Am?
  • Slavery on Fridays, Saturdays and various different days, depending on our beloved slave driver, Pn. Loh ;) What other kind of slavery can you sing all you want? Hehe I love choir practices. Miss singing with you guys so much..
  • Outings. Either in Chloe or Nicole ;p Singing to songs on the radio and going round eating.
  • Supper every weekend . Or most weekends.
  • JB trip.

Can you bring back those times?

I didn't like STPM, but I'd go through it all over again with you guys than to be alone here.

I miss you guys.

love, joyce.