Thursday, January 03, 2008

6 Weeks

Dear lonely isle,

My semester break officially started on 21st November when I returned home after a long suffering 4-month semester in Sabah. And so thus began my 6 weeks of FUN :D

Starbucks Subang

I miss Choc Frap!

3 girls + chocolate cake = empty plate

Camwhoring with Ann Gee and Christine

More camwhoring with Ziggy.

Yes, we're boring people, camera wise.

At Starbucks in Pyramid new wing, after watching the Golden Compass.
They serve excellent Choc Frap there. So chocolatey and sinful :P
Oh, the movie was a disappointment by the way. Don't watch.
Unless you're fanatic about polar bears.

My niece!
2 weeks old in these pictures.
Meet Chia En :)

So cute!

Ziggy bought me a black dress.
Happy happy :)

At Sakae Sushi, trying out their food.
Not bad.

I love chawan mushi!

I love Ziggy too!

Subang Parade Christmas deco

Dinner at Soul Out!

With my mom and dad.
Miss them :(

Little girl from the next table.
She has such adorable, pinchable cheeks!
No. Not at Soul Out!. Had steamboat with some relatives.

My brother thinks he's cool.

My brother thinks he's cute.

Ann Gee's and Eu Shen's pre-21st birthday celebration at my place

Her chocolate-covered-marshmallow cheesecake. Evil looking.
Note to self: Stick to normal cheesecakes.
Marshmallow and cheesecake should be eaten separately.

What can I say?
Pretty girls make pretty picture :P

Eu Shen's and Ann Gee's 21st birthday party at her place.

Hehe. Haagen dazs ice-cream cake. Yummy!

Christmas eve dinner with Ziggy at Nero Vivo in KL
It's open air, nice cozy place

Just by tasting it you can tell it is sinful.
Anything that tastes that good has got to be sinful.

Pan-seared foie gras with truffle mash potato

Yesh. I know it looks half eaten.
It was. The food got attacked before I remembered to take a picture.

Chocolate liquer

Main Course
I suspect I will dream about this for many years to come.
It's just too good.
Officially the undisputed best steak I have eaten.

Kobe beef steak.
Nuff said.

My Christmas present!
Thank you baby :)
I really love it

Sony Cyber-Shot T200

My baby's Nikon :P

Oooo~ Dessert
Panacotta! Yum!

Dinner was great :)
And expensive T_T
Thank you baby

Ignore my boobs.

Baby or flowers?
I can't decide...

Can I have both?

I like flowers.

I really like flowers.

Ichigo with my pink baby

Ichigo with my baby's baby.

I like kisses too :P

Supper at Sri Melur, Christine's place.

Pd trip with Ziggy the next day!

Post Christmas-feasting
At Itallianies

Spaghetti Carbonara for tea

Ziggy loves carbonara.
I love Ziggy.

I love bread pudding too.

At Tony Roma's

Baked potato skins for supper.

TR Chocolate Avalanche

Chocolate brownie with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.
Heaven in a cup.

Met up with Shima at Mid Valley.
The girl is still the same :P

Cute, small bunny with smoky eyes.

Can you teach me to shadow my eyes like that?

More Post-Christmas feasting
At Manhattan Fish Market

Sorry! Got too hungry, forgot to take pictures of the food

Bought a new camera pouch for my pink baby.

Left: New pouch for hard wear and use in Sabah
Right: Pink leather cover from Sony

McD McTeddies!

I like how they look all together like that

My very own J bear

New Year's eve in Genting
Note to self: Do not drive up Genting on New Year's eve night.
The air was filled with the smoke from overheated engines.
Yeah, jamming up the Genting Highlands slope is not fun.

With Ann Gee in First World

Did I say I love Ziggy?
Nevermind, to be safe I'll tell you again.
I love Ziggy :)

Somewhere outside

Happy New Year!
My day was dampened by my flight back to Sabah though.

Not-So-Happy New Year's day
Christine came for lunch at my place :)
Ann Gee couldn't make it :(

Nevermind, we'll have other lunches together ;)

Camwhoring with Christine

And Ziggy too.

3.45pm, KLIA

I hate goodbyes.
I miss you so damn much.

love, joyce.


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