Monday, January 07, 2008

Living To Eat

Dear lonely isle,

I think I am eating too much nowadays.

My level of exercise is very nearly...okay let's not kid ourselves. It is nil.

Just now I had 2 pieces of bread for dinner at 6pm. I am now starting to feel hungry again. My brain certainly thought 2 slices of bread were more than sufficient to fuel my low maintenance body (what with lack of movement and all), with peanut butter and chocolate spread, but evidently my stomach thinks otherwise and is protesting loudly now. No doubt, around 1am I will yet again feel hungry, should I give in to the whims of my insatiable tummy right now.

So how do we go about this?
Sleep insanely early? (about 11pm to 12am)
That's a plan. Would certainly be good for my early morning classes and to the delight of my lecturers. (Me not sleeping in class is a miraculous wonder to all, myself included)
Besides, I can feel the sleepiness setting in already...

But but night is complete without my daily messages to *eh hem*cough**cough*. And right now, your guess is as good as mine where he is. He dropped off the face of the earth (no contact) at 8 something.
Okay I can already see some of you forming opinions of me being a stalker/control freak/overposessive nut/warden/etc. etc. etc. But I am making a (very) serious effort not to! I kid you not.

Yet somehow, everytime I'm back in Sabah, the weight will eventually go somewhere.
Yes, probably straight home. No doubt, waiting for me to collect them upon my immediate return.

So I guess that settles it then. Now I just have to decide what to feed this naughty tummy of mine....

What would u like to eat, dear?

love, joyce.