Thursday, April 20, 2006

Patience Is A (Rewarding) Virtue

"..and if there's no tomorrow,
and all we have is here and now,
I'm happy just to have you,
you're all the love I need somehow

Dear lonely isle,

What do you know? Maybe things aren't as bad as you first envisioned them to be ;)
Okay, maybe the casualty list isn't piling up and the disasters seem to be avoiding me, but I'm not gonna expect it to be sunny all the way just yet.
But the weather forecast looks rather promising, or at least I don't think I'll be running into any unexpected thunderstorms just yet.
But then again, that's the thing about thunderstorms, they can be pretty predictable, but sometimes it can be awfully sunny when it suddenly pours. And I realise that it never ever rains, it always pours...

It's going to be quite the wait, and as everyone knows, I'm not a patient person at all.
But so far, I'm proving to be having quite some self-control and not giving up already, so who knows, maybe this time it's really different, especially if I'm willing to wait for it :)

After all, anything that good has definitely got to be worth the wait. :)

love, joyce.