Wednesday, March 08, 2006

That Which Does Not

"..let me empty,
and weightless,
and maybe,

I'll find some sleep tonight

Dear lonely isle,

That which does not kill you will only make you stronger.
Or so I've been told.
However, that which does not kill you will also make you:
  1. Pissed.
  2. Sore & tired.
  3. Aching all over.
  4. Cuss at god and the world.
  5. Feel like never ever doing another day of work in your life.
  6. Decide to become a parasite and live off your parents till the day YOU die.
  7. Possibly more resilient to hard work than you already are.
  8. Wish that it had.
Well, yea I'm not actually dead, neither am I any stronger. If anything, all my aches, pains and sores are carried over to the next day, where they accumulate another layer of aches, pains and sores and pile one on top of the other, and possibly turning into layers of fossilied agony and suffering. Basically, I end up with one big mothershitload of aches, pains and sores. Better yet, it can be documented this way, so that future generations will know and understand as I have suffered. And will possibly decide to live off their parents for the rest of their lives rather than repeat this mistake.
Eternal rest is the definite 'in' thing for me. Nothing could be greater than never having to work another day of your life, staying in bed until past ten, and not doing anything productive.

So that which does not kill you, just should have tried harder.
God knows it's a whole lot less suffering that way.

love, joyce.