Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's My Life

"..I say tragedy is how you're gonna spend,
the rest of your life with the lights on,
so shine the light on all of your friends,
when it all a mounts to nothing in the end.."

Dear lonely isle,

Sometimes I wonder why we live. Why today, right now, at this very moment, we are alive. Why with each breath comes another, and with each step we take another on our long journey through life.
Is it because we learn? Or is it to learn?
So do we live to learn, or is it because we learn that's why we live?
Do you live to learn, or do you learn to live?
By answering this question, we find out just how we really see things, and what is important to us in this life.
When we live to learn, we live with a passion. A burning desire to stay alive. Because we want to live. Because we choose to live.
Or do we learn to live? To live because we have no other choice, because we accept life as it is, and everyday is a lesson in surviving.
Living ain't easy.
What do you see in life? Do you see a long road filled with adventure? Or do you see the endless stretch before you? Counting out the miles you have to go?
What do you feel each day when you wake up? The energy of a new day? Of new beginnings? Or just another day? Going through motions of routine and schedule?
Why are you alive? Right now, here, this moment. Do you live because you want to live? Or are you alive for the sake of living?

Do you live to learn, or do you learn to live?
Chase the setting sun, and conquer your life. Live like you mean it.

love, joyce.