Thursday, August 11, 2005

Au Revoir

"..goodbye my friend,
I know you're gone,
you said you're gone,
but I can still feel you here,
it's not the end,
so glad we made it,
time will never change it.."

Dear lonely isle,

Why is it that people have to leave us?
Why is it that we get them back only to have them taken away again?
I have said before, he who does not know what it is to miss someone, is a very lucky person.
He who does not feel the ache of loss is blessed indeed.
But some of us, it seems, do not share such good luck.
Goodbyes are always sad.
It's the time you watch a piece of your heart jump out from your chest and leave you.
Walking away, waving goodbye, off to see the world. Leaving an empty spot just there.
I haven't had a full heart in a long time.
People just seem to keep on leaving.
One day you're here.
Next you're gone. Again.
I'm a selfish person. I want people that I love always around me.
I guess I just keep hanging on.
Maybe I squeeze a little too tight, but I hope no one complains.
It's just that I love you too much to let go.
But when you love someone you let them go, isn't it?
Because if they feel the same, they'll come back.
They always do.
Don't they?
But this little person inside is always full of doubts.
Perhaps that's why she will always remain the little person inside.
Because the person that is, the person that will be, knows better.
They will come back.

You've just got to believe.
Love is never too far away.

love, joyce.