Thursday, August 04, 2005

Impossible Heavens

"..all the stars we could reach,
were the starfish on the beach.."

Dear lonely isle,

There are many things in life that are denied to us.
Things that we can only watch from afar, or sometimes even up close, to see, to behold, but not to touch. And never to possess.
Some things that are always just within our reach, but never near enough. And if you blink, it slips even further out of hand. But always within sight, mocking us from beyond the next bend. Cheering us on just before dancing out our grasp. Again.
But still we never learn. And still we persist.
There's always a certain stubbornness of the human mind to refuse to believe the truth. We tell ourselves, just as long as we try and try and try, one day, even the impossible will happen.
The optimism of it all is just disgusting.
Why is it that some continue to chase an impossibility? A mirage in the desert of reality, a ghost ship on a misty ocean.
I guess in one way or another, we've all chased mirages before, and many of us still pursue the unreachable horizon.

And still every night I stretch my hand towards the sky.
Confident that one day I'll touch the stars.

love, joyce.