Friday, August 11, 2006

I Hate Rain.

Dear lonely isle,

Here's a recap of what happened the past week.

Saturday, 5th August.
Went KK! Hehe, skipped a day of studying for an outing to town =)
5 of us: Mei Kuan, Bee Siah, Sue Fern, Ken Wai & me
Mei Kuan princess wanted to eat Pizza Hut but the line was so long so we bought bread to eat.
But as usual when Mei Kuan saw McDs looming in the horizon, she forgot everything and we ate there instead >.<>
Shopping! Or grocery shopping for me :P went to stock up on my supplies (maggi & biscuits)

Sunday, 6th August.
Day of Rest & Relaxation, a.k.a Day to be Sinful & Unproductive.
Woke up. Washed clothes. Cleaned room (dusted, swept, mopped).
After breakfast, the day went pretty much like this:
Fell asleep. Woke up. Ate.
Fell asleep. Woke up. Ate.
Read up on genetics. Got attacked by flying cockroach.
Lots of screaming, spraying, and general mayhem and confusion. Nuff said.

Monday, 7th August.
Nothing significant happened, except that the cute guy in my group (finally remembered his name -.-"), Teck Ho, told me that he had an IDENTICAL TWIN BROTHER. yummy. (sorry baby :P) The notion of TWO cute guys just erm, makes me feel that there is justice in this world for two girls.
Ziggy baby called =)

Tuesday, 8th August.
One of the worst days. Ever.
My period came. On the longest day of my week (on Tuesdays I have night class. Arab). On what turned out to be the COLDEST day I've ever had on Sabah. The starting of the extremely heavy rainy season. Rain. Rain. Rain. Wanted to die.
Idulged in impulse buying. Placed a deposit for the UMS jacket. It made me feel better though.
Ziggy baby called =)

Wednesday, 9th August.
More rain. Was so tired I slept through physics lecture and only woke up when it ended. Nothing new for most people >.<"
Ziggy baby called =) I'm really blowing his bill.

Thursday, 10th August.
More rain. Another long day. Thursday I have night class too. Arab.
Ate maggi!! =)

Hmm, can't list in detail what happened or it might either bore you to tears, or move you to tears. My life is that sad.

love, joyce.