Monday, May 05, 2008

Farewell, Kimmy

Dear lonely isle,

I am currently room-mate-less.
My roomie Kimmy has left Sabah. She might return to extend her course, and she might not.
Either way, I'll miss her so much.

Watching anime together, laughing our heads off with Bamboo Blade, studying together, and so many outings together; movies, shopping and exploring.

She taught me most of the roads in KK that I know now, and saved me countless of times from incoming grasshoppers, cockroaches, moths and all other manner of myriad legged (and not so myriad legged) creatures. She companied me during the Hungry Ghost month, and forgave me for switching on the lights in the middle of the night after nightmares. She accompanies me on drives to the mechanic and translated my transactions with them.

She entertained us with countless memorable and totally hillarious "KIM-AH!!" moments that I will never forget, and is always up for a joke. Ever willing to learn, even if it involves making us laugh, Kimmy is so funny and so comical.

Erm, need I say more?

For her farewell night we had dinner at Ah Foo and planned to go for a movie after that.
We've had countless dinners together at Ah Foo, but that night was something special.

Vegetarian steamboat!

The mushroom slices were really good...
Thick and juicy :)

All these...

and these...

(and various other goodies that escaped my camera cos these few plates were the nearest to me)

In this.

While waiting for the soup to boil, Kim entertained us some more..

Two types of soup!
Tom yam on one side, clear soup on the other.
Both were yummy!


And so,
many, many rounds later...

Happy people group photo :)

With Ah Foo, the owner (duh) and chef of Ah Foo.

we will miss you so much!

I will miss you so much T___T

Yes, how can we ever forget you?

love, Joyce.