Monday, February 06, 2006

Old Stuff

" I go,
scream my lungs out,
and try to get to you,
you are my only one

Dear lonely isle,

You know how it's like when it's time to clear your room. Time to take out all the things you don't need and putting them in a big cardboard box before throwing them away.
But the longer you've had them, the harder it is to throw away.
That old toy you used to play with when you were younger, now nothing but excess baggage in the closet.
Your favourite skirt, now a few sizes to small.
Old books, clothes, trophies, toys. Old stuff.
But the thing with old stuff is, even though they're broken, or missing some bits, they contain more memories than you think. And nothing wears better than an old stuff.
Old stuff are like fats, they cling to your heart and internal organs, like shock absorbers and security blankets. But one day, you just know, it's time to say goodbye.
So how do you say goodbye to people?
Like old stuff, they've been around. And even though you haven't seen them for some time, you just know that they'd always have a special place in your heart.
And even when they leave you, there'd always be things that will remind you of their presence.
Little things like familiar sights, sounds, smells...
So how do you say goodbye to people?
No matter how you try, it never ever gets easier.
You'd think that after the first few, you'd eventually get over it. Or maybe it wouldn't hurt so bad anymore.
But's it's not just something you get used to...
I wonder why.
Sometimes you wonder if life is just a long string of goodbyes.
People come into your life and leave again.
Some leave dust bunnies in your heart. Others are like a muddy footprint that won't wash off the carpet. Although many come and go empty handed, there are always some that leave with a handful of your heart. A rare few even take enough of you home for friends and relatives.
But who's to say you left empty handed?
Maybe, without even knowing, you took with you a pinch of thought, and a sprinkle of love and a lifetime of rememberance (for possibly spilling honey on the couch, but that's not really the point). So who knows, when you're gone, you might actually be missed.
So how do you say goodbye to people?

I prefer au revoir.
Till the seeing again.

love, joyce.