Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cultivating Fungus

I love you!
I love lunches!

Dear lonely isle,

I read this somewhere.
Aishiteruze Baby: This anime is like fungus. It grows on you.
How true..
Truly now I am covered from head to toe with the saprophytic plant otherwise known as fungus by the name of Aishiteruzeus babyeus. Common name, Aishiteruze Baby.

It's not unpleasant, quite the contrary actually. I rather like the feel of this anime. A lot.
It's rather different from most of the anime I watch.

For instance,
  • there is nothing about saving the world. It's an anime about a teenage boy and a little girl.
  • there are no vampires.
  • there is no magic, save for the magic of the squishy, rather sappy emotion we all possess. Otherwise known as love.
  • heroes do not carry big swords or weapons of any kind. Kippei carries his school bag and Yuzuyu most of the time.
  • heroes do not charge at the bad guys screaming 'I'll kill you!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE!'. Kippei tends to shout things along the line of 'It's YUMMY!!' and 'Yuzuyu you're a GENIUS!! GENIUS!! Good girl!'
  • there is no blood involved. There is no violence for that matter too, unless you count the domestic violence of an elder sister punching her brother for being disrespectful.
  • limbs are not severed and lying all over the place.
  • the bad guy is a stalker in love with the hero. And does nothing threatening to the general public along the lines of 'Marry me, or I'll blow the world to pieces!'. Instead, she throws away the crayons of a 5 year-old girl. There is also no mention of world domination in her dialogue.
  • terror has a name. She's called 'Onee-sama'.
  • there is no quest. No stolen jewels or take back nor sacred items to steal. The main goal is the same everyday. Get to school on time. And get Yuzuyu from kindergarten on time too..
  • skills that hero possesses : moronic incapacitation around girls, inability to understand girls no matter what the age, and 'DASH!', always used to get to both the hero and heroine to school on time.
  • the hero makes bentos. And onigiri. And arranges the vegetables into the shape of a bear.
  • side kicks include a younger brother who predicted the end of the world at the time of his birth, and whose first words were the announcement of his name at the age of 20 minutes into the world.
  • cool is when you play in the sandbox with your younger cousin without bothering about dirtying your clothes and holding her hand. And your reward is the happiest smile and the most infectious laugh of a little girl.
Yes. I actually like this show. A lot.
What can I say?

Aishiteruze baby.

love, joyce.