Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day At Mamutik

On the bus to Jesselton Port

At Jesselton Port

Grumpy Jia Jia started smiling :)

Why was she grumpy?

We were told to be at the bus stop at our respective kampungs before 6.45am.
What happened was Joyce came out at 6.50am and had a shock because there was no bus in sight, thinking that somehow because she was 5 minutes late, they left without her.

But such was not the case.

Then Joyce made a few calls and found out she was probably the only person waiting for the bus at Kingfisher residence area.
So she drove to Kampung E to wait for bus with her friends.

The bus finally came at 8.00am.
Too much or not, you tell me.

Anyway, Jia Jia was grumpy because she did not have enough sleep
(diarrhea and whatnot at 3am)
She then woke up at 6.30am, and rushed to meet the 6.45am bus stop dateline.

But lo and behold.
This is UMS, where nothing is reliable.

And thus the bus came and 8.00am due to bad management and planning by second years.

And Jia Jia became grumpy.

Raring to go :)

On the boat

Very hot, hor?
See, so bright.

To get to any of the islands you need to take a boat ride from the port.

Arriving at Mamutik

Lots of fishes at the jetty

Really a lot of fishes at the jetty...

To my surprise, Mamutik looks very much like Sapi...

When we arrived, Joyce went, "Wrong island ka?"
Until I saw the Welcome to Mamutik sign.

I'm starting to think that all islands near KK look the same O.o"

They have the same white, sandy beaches.

The same wooden style jetties.

The same corals and fish..

Nevermind, I will post comparison photos as I go along.

Corals at the jetty

Pretty girls at the jetty

Let a girl have some fun, will you?

Yet more pretty girls :P

At the shallow beach

It's so bright and hot it looks dark.

Looks like something from a ClubMed brochure.
Without the people at the side.
Can they be photoshopped out? >.<"



Sometime after snorkling for a few hours



Maybe I'm not convincing enough.
Anyway, all beaches have sand and sea and boats and jetties.
It's quite common they should look alike.

But the island vegetation, the fauna and the overall way the island was developed is very similar.
Heck, right down to the stinking, dirty, waterless cubicles they call a toilet.

This was some time before lunch, because we were hungry and food hadn't arrived yet,
so we entertained ourselves by snapping pictures.

The time difference from picture above and the picture below is pretty huge.
There's about 4 hours worth of gap between them.

See what happened was this.
(create mental pictures for each scene, its the least you can do when I cannot provide you pictures of the following activities)

Went snorkling.
(so no camera)

Felt tired.

Slept on soft white sand.
(wearing goggles, in case sand got into eyes)

Woke up.

More snorkling.

Got tired.

Sat in shallow part near shore, and got pummeled by waves
and tossed to the shoreline filled with broken and dead corals.

Got sunburned enough.

Went to shower outdoors.
(with clothes still on, of course, to wash off the sand)

Went into smelly excuse for toilet to dry up and change.
(no water inside remember?)

Then we come back to the present.

Dry, itchy and sunburned.
But feeling much better than wet, itchy and sunburned.

With salt-encrusted hair.
You'd have that expression too, believe me.
Hair like dried, almost flammable grass sucks.

Dying for a bath.

And thus is the end of the pictures.

But not the end of the journey.

Left the island about 5.00pm.
Reached Port Jesselton about 5.20pm.

Bus was full and was told to wait for the second round.


And waited.

Bus came at 7.00pm.

UMS is really so extremely unreliable.


meamizuno said...


Hebatnya boleh snorkeling~!


Ni pegi sana sempena apa cik joyce? Family Day ke?

Best nya..kat UPM tak pna sekali pun pegi melawat mana2~ Huhu

joYce said...

ya, tahun ni family day kat tepi pantai lagi.balik rumah kenalah rashes lagi T____T

oh kenapa? tak cadangkan?

meamizuno said...

Wahh sgt seronok! Eh teruk ke rashes kali ni?

Ohh taktau...mmg tak pernah ada...dorg selalu ada day dkt fakulti...and saya tak pernah join..sbb mcm sgt bosan main2 sukaneka dkt fakulti ._.

joYce said...

taklah seperti sgt teruk, tapi sgt gatal T____T
agaknya boleh dikata sudah okay :)
oh, kite pun tak suka sukaneka, tapi at least mereka buat kat tempat lain.
hehe tapi kan sudah last year, pedulilah, tak nak join mereka sudah, main sendiri dgn kawan-kawan :P