Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My House

This is the front of the house.
Yes, yes, will take a better picture of it next time. Just felt embarrassed to be standing in front of the house on the street taking a picture. >.<

The living room!
A bit messy, but kind of cozy once you settle down. We have Astro, you know? :)

The kitchen.
Haven't ventured into cooking there yet, except maggi and boiling water.

More kitchen.
We have a refrigerator, I just haven't put anything of mine inside yet =P
The landlady is a lecturer at UMS. She's a lecturer in the food science faculty. We can't simply eat her stuff in the refrigerator, some are her lab specimens >.<

Dr Yasmin's (the landlady) study.

Dr. Yasmin's room.
I have not been inside before >.<

The upstairs bathroom I share with my housemates.

I invite you to carefully observe that that is a sitting toilet :D

My room, my bed.

My study desk, with the towel rack behind it and my bed behind the rack.

My roomie's study desk, next to mine. With a window view.
Overlooks papaya trees. Not my cup of tea.

Roomie's bed, with the bookshelf in front of it.

My cupboard.
Roomie doesn't have a cupboard yet. She's living out of her luggage.


Settling in already.