Monday, January 02, 2006

Wo Pu Hui Jiang Hua Yi....I'm That Sad....

"..and all I wanna hear is the message beep,
my dreams they come a kissin',
cause I don't get no sleep

Dear lonely isle,

No, I'm still not sleeping. Now I'm not eating as well.
Yes, the list of bad habits continue to grow, but what philosophy will I tie my eating habits to?
Sorry for the disappointment, but there are none. There are limits to the absurdity of my sick perverted mind.
The reasons why I'm not eating are probably because, I actually need to get thinner. (and apparently not eating will help) Also, probably because I don't feel like eating.
But then again, maybe it's because of the first reason that I don't feel like eating.
Anyway, it seems that I will not work.
Yes, Joyce the Lazy is at it again...
Speaking of which, I just recently watched the show Alexander. (think Collin Ferrel in mini skirt...rushing off to war...)
Goddammit, greeks are cool.
They make war in miniskirts.
They prance around in togas.
Women are for breeding purposes only.
It's one hell of a gay community.
Everyone has a toy boy, or a gay partner of some sort.
It's good to be a guy. Back then.
Alexander the Gay. You rock.
Back to what I was saying. Really, you shouldn't let me get sidetracked like that....
I am not going to work (or so I say now...). I'm going to learn mandarin =)
Yea, come check it out in about a month or 2....I hope this works....
But first of all, I need to find a place to learn mandarin...
But we'll see...we'll see.

Mandarin-speaking me? I don't know...

love, joyce.