Saturday, January 07, 2006

Circle Of Life

"..I watch the heavens and I find a calling,
something I can do to change this moment,
stay close to me, while the sky is falling,
don't wanna be left alone,
don't wanna be alone

Dear lonely isle,

Let's see. Your life is going nowhere. The future ends with a dark cliff overlooking a deep chasm and for the life of you you cannot tell if there is a bridge linking the present you to the bright clear mountains in the distance.
It's also dark, stormy and sufficiently depressing. No moon, no stars, no sky in sight. The sights are covered in cloud, fog, mist and god else knows what.
So. The burning question: What do you do?
It seems I've been asking this question quite a bit lately. And no, I'm not getting any replies, which is probably why I go on asking them again and again.
Even so, if there were replies, how would you know which is the right answer?
Which is the true path? Who gives the certain answer? No. More correctly, who gives the answer to the right ends? Which answer leads us there?
Again. No answers.
That's life. You live day to day without knowing what tomorrow will bring. Everyday is yet another question, another quiz, another test against our decision-making skills. Not knowing how today's answer will affect tomorrow's life.
And every mistake you make, rests on your shoulders.
The thing is, you'll never know when your next decision will become your next mistake.
It's a game. An adrenaline-inducing game. Where the fate of yourself and everyone you know and don't may very well rest in your hands, in the very choice you make.
There are no rules save one. Live today, to decide tomorrow.
So everyday we wake up and make our choices. Most of us play it safe, and make the same choices everyday.
But nothing is foolproof. Because not everyone makes the same decisions everyday. And should paths cross, something happens. For good, for bad, it's not important.
The only thing that matters is you live another day. Come tomorrow, we will decide once again.
Funny, but we never really realise how much power we have in our hands. Nor are we fully aware of the responsiblities and consequences that come with such enormity.
Half the time we don't even know what we are doing everyday. We tend to get lost living in the moment too often to realise.
And so we come a full circle.

And people wonder why the earth spins on it's axis. Everyday. Why does the sun set, and rise. Everyday.
Because, everything, eventually, comes a full circle.

And every decision you make will come back to bite you in the ass one day.
And that's a promise.

love, joyce.