Sunday, March 30, 2008

Destressing Saturday

Dear lonely isle,

What do you do when you're stressed?

We have an exam on Monday. For which none of us have yet to study. But anyway, we went out on Saturday on the pretense of celebrating Tiing Jen's birthday. Okay so maybe it was not all pretend.

The one thing that is almost certain is, biophysical chemistry exam on Monday is very nearly, almost as good as gone.

Oh that other one we gave up on was biochemistry. Different subject, but equally as dislikable. For the record, I absolutely detest both.

So what do you do when you're stressed?

Camwhoring at Secret Recipe!

A very stressed Jia Jia found it very hard to smile.

She was so worried she wanted to study her notes and asked us to go ahead without her for the movie.

Obviously we couldn't let her be hardworking while we're all having fun.

We dragged her kicking and screaming into the cinema.

Pigging out at Secret Recipe

Why only camwhore when you can also eat?

Sinned a lot yesterday.

But couldn't care less somehow.

Don't they all look so pretty?

I was too full after that...couldn't get my choc frap T___T

Trying on RM10 sunglasses!

Lai San attempting to be chiun.

The lady selling the sunglasses was nice enough not to scold us for playing with her wares.

Hello gorgeous :P

More camwhoring!

Supposedly trying to imitate Hua Jie from Ah Long Pte. Ltd.

Me? Oh I was imitating her husband :P
The chao-ah-kua dance instructor Jojo Fang.

Failed attempts to camwhore nicely :

Play with the smile shutter!

It's so hard to stay stressed when you're out with us :P
A much less stressed Jia Jia.
We're good.

My camera simply adores my smile :)

It's hard to be Lai San sometimes...

More pigging out!
Didn't you know?
Stressed people need to eat eat eat to relieve their stress.

I guess I should really know,
because I ate 12 fried dumplings all on my own....

We ordered 20 by the way >.<"

But they're soooooo goood....
Crispy fried skin on the outside,
holding in the juicy meat and gravy inside....YUM

Sorry! The food got in the way of picture-taking..

Nevermind, you got to see the aftermath anyway.

The Aftermath.

Even more camwhoring...

It's really hard to be Lai San sometimes.

And what else?

More photo-taking wearing RM10 sunglasses :P
The idea is to find the more outrageous looking sunglasses and have a good laugh at yourself.

For some reason everytime I look at this picture i'm reminded of Minnie Mouse.
Anyone got any idea why?

Baja Hitam anyone?
Masked Rider was here.

Pink Ranger and White Ranger.

Note to self: Keep exam-ridden students away from hypermarkets.
The tendency to overshop and attempt to buy entire hypermarket is very large and very real.

My poor car had trouble accelerating after that.

It was a fun day.

But helluva price to pay for it.

Worried, and at the same time,
couldn't care less.

Wonder why.

love, Joyce.