Friday, May 19, 2006

I Don't

"..I don't wanna close my eyes,
I don't wanna fall asleep,
cos I'd miss you baby,
and I don't wanna miss a thing,
cos even when I dream of you,
the sweetest dream will never do,
I'd still miss you baby
and I don't wanna miss a thing

Dear lonely isle,

Do you believe in long distance relationships?
To be honest, I don't.

If we're meant to last, we'll last.
But I don't buy that crap.
Being apart would mean working harder at us, and maybe finding more ways to be together even when we're so far apart.

I don't look forward to being away.
I don't look forward to missing him more than I already do.
I don't look forward to not feeling his touch when I need him.
I don't look forward to not being able to talk to him, to not hold his hand whenever I feel like it, and not kissing him when his face is just so near..

I guess I'd just miss him too much.

And his lovely lovely massages too..

But it's not something I can change, so what is a girl to do?
Start believing?

I guess we'll see how it goes..
What do you think?

Do you believe?
I don't. But I'll have to.

love, joyce.